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Kerkennah Islands

The Kerkennah Islands are considered one of the most important tourist places that attract tourists in Tunisia, which is a series of low islands with a height not exceeding 13 meters above sea level, among them the island of Djerba, which is linked to the mainland by a road that was built by the Romens.


Tunisia contains a group of salt lakes, and it extends along the northern edge of the desert from east to west. Examples include the Shatt al-Gharsa, which is the lowest point in Tunisia, located at an altitude of 17-meters below sea level, in addition to Lake Tunis, which is a lake Shallow natural area of ​​37 square kilometers and located between the city of Tunis and the Gulf of Tunisia.

The city of Sidi Bou Said

It is a rocky Tunisian city that is distinguished by its Greek aesthetic character thanks to its white domed houses and blue doors, a large number of visitors come to them with the aim of enjoying panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea, exploring many art galleries, large numbers of shops and cafes in the open air, in addition to discovering the history of engineering The unique architecture of the city.

The city of El Jem

It is a Tunisian punic city located south of the city of Tunis, and it was an important commercial center during the Romen era, and today it is home to many of the best preserved Romen ruins in the world, the most important of which is the El Jem Amphitheater recognized by UNESCO, which was built in the third century and can accommodate thirty-five A thousand at large.

Other tourist places in Tunisia

Tunisia includes many tourist attractions, including the following:

  • Houmt Souk: It is one of the cities of the island of Djerba, and contains many bazaars that include colorful pottery tools, white temples, and Turkish mosques, in addition to the lively markets that sell olive oil and chickpea broth.
  • Sousse It is a coastal city in the beauty, which includes many wonderful beaches that shine in turquoise blue, a large number of luxury hotels and parks with palm trees on its sides, in addition to the impressive Ottoman baths and colorful Maghreb markets.
  • Tozeur: It is a desert city and oasis located in the far southwest of the country, and is considered a true masterpiece that embodies the barbarian traditions, and its ancient city is distinguished by carvings and sculptures inspired by the ancient Arab world.
  • Kairouan: It is a city famous for its close connection with the Islamic world. It has been the center of Sunni religious teachings since the seventh century. The city includes the Great Mosque of Kairouan, which is considered a UNESCO World Heritage site, as it attracts thousands of worshipers to prayer rooms and other annexes every year, and a mosque contains gates The three interesting, in addition to the possibility of wandering the city to enjoy the beauty of its white huts and savor delicious Tunisian pastries.

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