The most beautiful tourist places in Egypt are unknown and it is advisable to visit them. Visitors to Egypt, especially in the modern era, love to discover all that is not familiar or popular with tourist places in any of its governorates. To get to know the most prominent of these places, let us take you on a tour through the article of the Arab travelers.

Tourist places in Egypt are unknown

  • Egypt has a striking natural beauty, and this natural beauty is especially evident in places of virgin beauty, or that are subject to the scarcity of visits to it, and that the Egyptians always have special ways to discover and reach.

The most beautiful tourist places not famous in Egypt

We begin our tour with you in Fayoum Governorate, the governorate whose natural beauty is spoken in the countryside, the sea, the lakes, the desert, the reserves, and the villages in it. Among the most prominent features Fayoum Governorate :

  • The village of Tunis

It is a village that overlooks the extended yellow sands, Lake Qarun, agricultural land areas and bright gardens, and is characterized by the presence of a caricature museum, and a style based on ceramics and artistic ceremonies.

  • The ancient city of Cranes

It is a relic of the Greco-Romen era, and it reveals houses decorated with reliefs, a mill, and two Romen-style baths, in addition to many temples, including the southern temple.

  • Ain Al Sailin Gardens

They include greenery, old windmills, water weights, fruit gardens, and flowering orchards.

  • Fayoum drivers

It is also called Al-Nateer, and it is considered one of the most delightful tourist attractions, which confirms that Al-Fayoum enjoys the village landmarks to date.

  • The enchanted lake in Rayyan Valley

It is considered one of the most rare places in Fayoum, as it is surrounded by many sand dunes and mountains, which visitors to Fayoum love to practice skiing, sandblasting, and climbing.
The enchanted lake in Rayyan Valley
The village of Tunis, Fayoum

The second round is in two governorates, one of the closely related governorates because they enjoy two branches of the Great Nile River, which are two provinces.Rashid and DamiettaAmong the most prominent of their features are the following:

  • The most beautiful places Rashid

Rashid follows the lake, and enjoys the beauty of pristine and taking, and its people are distinguished by their generous souls, and their warm welcome to visitors, agricultural lands, nurseries, and orchards extend on both sides of the road to Rashid, as can be seen the Nile branch, which has multiple Nile cruise systems at prices that suit everyone. You can find an endless number of mosques with a distinctive architecture, as well as the homes of famous families that still maintain their old architectural style, and there is also the Rashid Museum, Qaitbay Castle and Jabal Abu Mandour.

  • The most beautiful places in Damietta

Which is famous alongside the presence of the Nile branch, in Lake Manzala, Damietta Port, Tabia Ahmed Orabi, and the Mosque of the Sea, as well as the Mosque of Amr ibn al-As.
Rashid Museum

Places you will not believe are in Egypt

  • Luxor and Aswan

Both of them are related to being one of the most famous governorates of Upper Egypt, and they are the first destination for a warm and enjoyable winter, and despite their fame in temples, there are rare places to visit, including: Deir el-Medina, Howard Carter House, Banana Island and the Island of Plants.
Howard Carter's house in Aswan

  • Matruh

Known in the Maldives, Egypt, due to the proximity of the shades of the colors of its water and sand from the beaches of the Maldives, and the most prominent beaches: Rommel, Aida, Cleopatra, Al-Gharam, and there are Matrouh nature reserves such as: Umm Al-Ghazlan Reserves, and the Dean Region, and there is also the Matrouh Ramses II Temple and the Military Museum of El Alamein, And commonwealth graves.

  • Port Said

It is one of the most prominent governorates overlooking the Suez Canal, and it has a historical beauty, which appears in its buildings and monuments. As well as its natural beauty that appears in its beaches. Among its highlights are the Obelisk of the Martyrs, the beautiful Ashtum Reserve, and a large number of parks such as the Obelisk Garden, Alhurriya, Mubarak, Beach, History, and Jasmine.
Ramses II Temple in Matrouh
Ferry ride in Port Said

  • North Coast

It is located in the west of Alexandria Governorate, and it passes by Hammam, El Alamein, Sidi Abdel Rahman, Fouka, Ras El Hekma, Marsa Matrouh, El Ngeila, Sidi Barani, at the end of the Salloum crossing. The North Coast is characterized by the nature of its attractive beaches, which motivated many investors and businessmen to establish tourist villages in it such as: Marakia, Marbella, Marina, Marassi, Caribbean North Coast, and Sidi Kerir.
North Coast villages

  • Egypt’s oases

The Egyptian oases, which contain six oases (Fayoum, Bahri, Dakhla, Kharfa, Farafra, Siwa), have a special nature that makes them the main refuge for those who seek medical tourism, but these oases are full of rare tourist attractions such as: the ruins of Shali Palace in Siwa Oasis, Qasr El Sagha and Umm Umm Al-Barijat, the ruins of Dimah al-Sibaa in the Fayoum Oasis, the Qasr al-Labkha and the Umm al-Dabadib Castle, and the Qasr al-Ziyan Temple in the Kharga Oasis. The villages of Al-Qasr and Balat in Al-Dakhla Oasis, Jabal Al-Magharfa and Jabal Al-Dustour in Al-Bahariya
Marine oases
Qasr Al-Sagha Palace, Fayoum Oasis

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