The most beautiful tourist places in Tunisia

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The city of Sidi Bou Said

Sidi Bou Said is one of the most attractive places for tourists in Tunisia, due to the fact that it is a rocky city characterized by its aesthetic character, its white domes houses and blue doors, and it is a destination for many visitors who want to enjoy scenic views. The Mediterranean, discovering its unique architecture, and the city also includes a group of art galleries, many cafes, and shops in the open air.

The city of El Jem

El Jem is located in the southern part of Tunis. It was an ancient commercial center during the Roman era, and it includes a group of ancient monuments, the most important of which are: the El Jem Amphitheater, which was classified as a UNESCO World Heritage List.

The old city of Tunis

The ancient city of Tunis is considered one of the most impressive cities of the Middle Ages on the African continent, and one of the most wonderful places in Tunisia: it is a city characterized by ancient streets, alleys, markets, and cafes, in addition to the residential places with bright colors, large entrances, and beautiful historical palaces, Mosques with marble columns and sculpted gypsum spread throughout the city.

Bardo Museum

The Bardo Museum, located in the magnificent Tunis Palace, is considered one of the best tourist places in Tunisia. It is one of the most impressive museums in the north of the African continent, as it houses a group of mosaics that are considered the most famous in the whole world, and it is distinguished By displaying a collection of vibrant mosaic art, which was discovered in ancient sites in Tunisia, it also displays wonderful and distinctive remains of the ancient history of the region.

Zaytuna Mosque

The Zitouna Mosque is located in the center of Tunis, and it is considered one of the most important architectural buildings in it, since its construction dates back to 732 AD, and it includes a majestic prayer hall, a quiet courtyard, and is characterized by its beautiful tiles. It is worth noting that the mosque becomes more beautiful at night with the bright lights of the city.


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