The most important driving laws in Europe

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We always find the board (priority for those in the roundabout) and in another way (the advantage of passing through the roundabout) and we all know the meaning of this board and it means you have to stop completely and make room for the cars inside the roundabout.

This is the law of priority and we may not care much about it, but in Europe and the rest of the developed world this law is very important and it is not limited to roundabouts only, so you will find many forms of it at intersections, traffic lights and road entrances, and you must adhere to the law completely and not abide by It means that you put yourself and others in danger !!

The most important forms of the Give Way Law

icbc intersection 300x235 - The most important driving laws in EuropeAlthough the signal is green for the red car owner, it must stop in the middle for a while to clear the way for incoming cars.
In some intersections and signs you may find the above example, which means that the driver of the red car must stop completely in the middle of the intersection and give way to the blue car until it crosses, then the owner of the red car completes the turn to the left after making sure that the road is clear to all incoming cars.

The second form:

drive 300x300 - The most important driving laws in Europe
On dual roads, if you want to enter a secondary road, you cannot turn left directly and you will find an additional temporary lane in the middle of the road that stops completely until you clear the way to the cars facing you and then complete your way.

Pedestrian priority:

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In Europe, pedestrians cross their path with confidence, so you, as a car driver, have to pay attention to them and give them priority in crossing the road. According to the above example, you should stop before leaving the road until the pedestrian crosses, then complete your path and make sure that your parking will not cause you any problems from the cars that Behind you, they understand this civilized law well, which will reflect an image that increases your respect.


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