The most important landmarks in Palestine

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The Noble Sanctuary

Al-Haram al-Sharif is located in the southeast of the city of Jerusalem, and is considered the most prominent landmark in Palestine, and it is an archaeological and historical religious site dating back to the period (685 AD-709 AD), as it includes among its ancient walls two prominent teachers, They are: the Dome of the Honorable Rock, and Al-Aqsa Mosque. Throughout its history, the archaeological site has undergone many restoration and repair operations until it reached what it is today.

Church of the Holy Sepulcher

The Church of the Holy Sepulcher is one of the most prominent Christian monuments in Palestine. It is an ancient archaeological church that Jesus of Nazareth is buried in, noting that it is distinguished by its magnificent architectural design; its internal walls cover many mosaic paintings and decorations with Heterogeneous colors, with huge stone dome on top.

Zedekiah Cave

Zedekiah’s Cave is located in the Old City of Jerusalem, and includes a group of historical caves dating back about 2000 years ago, knowing that visitors and tourists can roam the caves that span 304,8 meters and see the source of tears Zedekiah.

Temptation Mountain

Mount of Temptation (English: The Mount of Temptation) is an ancient mountain of religious importance. It is built on the foothills of a monastery that blends nicely with the stones of the mountain. The magnificent architecture of the historic monastery can be seen from below.

Khan Al-Amdan

The Khan Al Umdan (English: Khan Al Umdan), which was built during the eighteenth century AD, is located in the city of Acre, and is considered the most beautiful Khan in the city, where it is distinguished by its magnificent architecture, as the Ottoman clock tower appears at the top of the building, and the two-story structure is surrounded by a large square surrounded by corridors Columns.

Knights halls

Knights’ Halls is one of the most prominent landmarks of the Palestinian city of Acre; it is a historical archaeological castle built by the Spanish Knights Band nearly 800 years ago, and used as a residence for knights, soldiers, and a hospitality place for pilgrims coming to the Holy Land.


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