The most important landmarks of Istanbul

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Sights and attractions in Istanbul

The Turkish city of Istanbul is filled with tourist places and landmarks that attract tourists, so any corner of the city is not without an important landmark that deserves admiration and visit, and among these are:

  • Sultan Ahmed Mosque (Blue Mosque): Built in 1609 AD, the mosque is famous for its stepped domes, and its six minarets can be seen from a distance. Its interior is characterized by flowers made of white and blue tiles in the Ottoman style, and the mosque contains a museum full of ancient artifacts from all parts of Turkey.
  • Aya Sofia: Among the most important tourist destinations in Istanbul, which is a cathedral church built in the sixth century, characterized by its large size, picturesque architecture, mosaics, and murals, in addition to the domes with a gray color, and during the reign of Sultan Mehmed II it turned into a mosque.
  • Delightful Dolma Palace: It is the second palace that was built during the era of the Ottoman Empire, and the mosque contains from the inside a chandelier dedicated to the Sultan from Queen Victoria, which is the largest chandelier in the world.
  • The Grand Bazaar: The largest bazaar in all the world, it contains 4000 shops spread over 65 streets, all of which lead to the Central Avenue, and the tourist can find in it many important products, such as: carpets, jewelry, clothing, and many others.
  • Museum of Islamic and Turkish Art: The museum contains approximately 40,000 artifacts dating back to the Ottoman, Seljuk and Mamluk era.
  • Horse Square: There are few columns and arches left from the square, and there is now a picturesque public park, which contains many monuments.
  • Tobaki Palace: The palace consists of a group of buildings arranged around squares, which Sultan Mehmet built to reside in, overlooking the Bosphorus River.

Tallest buildings in Turkey

Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey, and is considered the political and economic center of the country, and the city contains many tall buildings, which are considered the tallest buildings in the world, where Istanbul ranks second in the world with the number of skyscrapers that are more than 100 meters in length. According to statistics in 2020, the number of skyscrapers in Istanbul, which have a length of at least 100 meters, was 269, and these include:

  • Skyland Istanbul office: It consists of 65 floors.
  • Skyland Istanbul Residence: It consists of 64 floors.
  • Metropolitan Istanbul: It consists of 58 floors.
  • Istanbul Ruby: It consists of 66 floors, 12 floors of which are underground.


Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey, with a population of approximately 11,174,257 people.


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