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The city of Lagos, with a population of approximately twenty one million people, is one of the largest cities in Nigeria, in addition to being one of the most densely populated urban areas in the world, which is the financial, commercial, and educational center in Nigeria, and was once the capital of Nigeria, and Lagos is known As a major city and port, most of its population focuses on the island of Lagos, on the Bay of Benin in the Gulf of Guinea, and the features of the city of Lagos are dominated by a system of islands, sand barriers, and lakes, as the city extends over four main islands: Lagos, Edo, Ikoy, and Victoria, which They are related to each other By major bridges.


The city of Kano is the second largest city in Nigeria, with a population of approximately 2,828,861 people. Kano is located in the northwestern region of Nigeria, and the region’s population is dominated by the Hausa people, while the Muslim population is approximately 98% of the total population, and the city has a sector Industrially huge, where many industries are produced including textiles, plastics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, cement, soaps, furniture, etc.


The city of Ibadan is the capital of the State of Oyo in Nigeria, and the population of the city is approximately 2,559,853 people. The city is located on seven hills and 160 km from the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, and it is one of the most densely populated cities in the country, and the city is famous for many local industries including That includes agriculture, trade, handicrafts, and services, and includes many daily commercial markets, the largest of which is the daily market that runs from the railway station in the west to the city center, and is the main commercial center of the city.


The city of Abuja is located in the Federal Capital Territory of Abuja, at latitude 9.06 and longitude 7.50, and the population of the city is approximately 590,400 people, and it was planned to be the capital of the country instead of the old capital, because it is near the center of the country, and has a good climate, and a number Its population is small compared to others.

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