The most important tourist areas in Malaysia

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Malaysia is one of the countries located in the continent of Asia to the southeast of the continent, and it is officially called Malaysia and its official capital Kuala Lumpur, which is one of the largest cities in the country. The population of Malaysia is estimated at thirty million people, according to the statistics of 2014 distributed and spread over the states of the country.


There are many religions spread in Malaysia, as the country embraces Christian and Buddhist religion, Hindu religion and other religions, that the Islamic religion is the most prevalent religion in the country, where it constitutes 60% of the country’s population, followed by Buddhist religion as a greater proportion of other religions in addition to The presence of a small percentage of the population has no religious affiliation.

The language

The Malay language is considered to be the official language of Malaysia, and this language consists of the Latin alphabet, that there are some other languages ​​that spread in the country, such as the Indian language and the Chinese language, but with all these languages ​​that we mentioned except that they are not used officially in the country, as the English language It is the dominant language in the country, and is used in teaching in schools, in addition to using it in their personal interactions with each other.

Tourism in Malaysia

Tourism in Malaysia is one of the sectors on which the Malaysian economy depends, as Malaysia is a tourist destination for many of the world’s population in general and a tourist destination for the Arab population in particular, because Malaysia has many beautiful tourist areas and scenic views, so Malaysia is interested in this sector and take over He has a special interest.

The most important tourist areas in Malaysia:

  • Avamosa region: This region is considered one of the most important tourist areas that tells the history of the Portuguese who lived in the region, as the effects of that region were a fortress that Portugal built at that time.
  • Perhentian Island: It is an island located on the coast of Terengganu, surrounded by many trees and forests, which gives it a scenic view, in addition to its presence on the coast waters, which increases its beauty and stunning scenery, so a visitor in Malaysia can spend the best and most beautiful times on that island.
  • The city of Melka: The city of Melaka is one of the cities that meets the mood of everyone. If you love historical matters, you can visit the old part of the city and see the historical monuments, but if you are a fan of modern and modern places, you can enjoy spending the best times in restaurants, hotels and markets in the area. Modern city of Malka.
  • Kinabalu Park: It is a park with a large area that contains many mountains that are characterized by its high altitude, where you can enjoy wandering between these mountains and exercise your hobbies of that garden.

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