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The old city of Tunis

The Tunisian capital, Tunis, is a great place to visit, especially old Tunisia, as it is characterized by the presence of narrow streets, markets, mosques, and ancient architectural and historical structures. World Heritage in 1979 AD, and this city includes more than 700 artifacts dating back to the era of the past.

Tourists can take a cruise through the cruise ships in Tunisia docked in the port. These tours include a walk around the city and a visit to popular markets. Tunisia also has the Bardo National Museum, which includes the largest collection of Romen mosaics in the world, and tourists prefer to visit the town of Sidi Bou Said.

Sidi Bousaid

Sidi Bou Said is characterized by awe-inspiring beauty and great charm that made it a tourist attraction, as there are streets that have a beautiful and ideal shape and have a blue and white color, in addition to the presence of cafes on the outskirts of streets, and the coastal beach with a wonderful view, and the coastal Sidi Bou Said is characterized by its unique Andalusian style, unique. And her fame goes back to three young painters: Paul Klee, Auguste Mac, and Louis Moylett who lived in the neighborhood in 1914, where they took advantage of the beauty of the white buildings and the beautiful blue doors in the town to photograph them in their arts, and they have been part of the world of artists ever since.

The city of Sousse

The coastal city of Sousse is one of the most beautiful Tunisian cities, and the tourist should visit the historical part of the city to enjoy the beauty of the narrow alleys of the beautiful highlands and the grandeur of the Grand Mosque in them, in addition to the old Rabat Castle and the massive building that is characterized by it, there are also Maghreb markets covered with colors and decorations , Ottoman baths and splendid beaches, in turquoise blue.

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