The most important tourist attractions in Libya

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Great mane

Leptis Magna is considered one of the most important monuments of tourism, and Roman archeology found in Libya, as it was classified among the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites, and its design is due to the Roman Emperor Septimius Severus. It should be noted that it was one of the most beautiful Roman cities, and it is characterized by the presence of many ruins overlooking the Mediterranean, which the visitor can visit and learn about.


Ghadamès is one of the oldest cities in Libya, and it is one of the cities that have been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city is still characterized by its preservation in the desert until now.


Cyrena, or Cyrine, located in the eastern side of Libya, specifically on top of a mountain slope is one of the tourist sites, and ancient monuments found in Libya, a legendary mixture of Greek temples, and old houses. It should be noted that the area had been abandoned since the fourth century AD because of the earthquake that struck the region, but now it is intended by tourists to get to know the remains of the area, in addition to visiting the Temple of Saint Apollo and seeing the cemetery in it.

Acacus flowed

The Acacus Mountains, or Tadrart Acacus, is one of the places classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The region has a history of 12,000 years since the settlers inhabited it, and is characterized by its rock inscriptions in its caves, which are represented by animals , And humans riding horses.

Castle of Tripoli

Tripoli Castle dates back to the seventh century AD, as it was home to many peoples, and it should be noted that the castle is now considered to be affiliated to the Museum of the Great House.

Red Castle Museum

The Red Castle Museum is located in the Libyan city of Tripoli, and it is distinguished for its large collection of archaeological pieces that reveal ancient Libyan history until the country gained independence in 1953 AD.


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