Aya Sofia

المسافرون العرب

Aya Sofia

The Hagia Sophia, which means in the Greek language: Holy wisdom, represents a stunning Byzantine, Byzantine, religious, architectural edifice, and this edifice is located in the European part of Istanbul, specifically in the Sultanahmet area, and it is worth noting that the famous traveler Ibn Battuta had visited it, That it is: “It is one of the greatest churches of the Romens, and it has a wall that surrounds it, as if it is a city and its gates are thirteen gates, and it has a sanctuary that is about a mile, on which there is a large door that does not prevent anyone from entering it… It is a semi-counseled flat flattened with marble, and its legs are split from the church. Two levers towards a made arm N marble pavement carved with the best workmanship and regular trees on both sides of the waterwheel. “

Hagia Sophia Building

Hagia Sophia represents Byzantine architecture, which was built with the particiAl Bahahn of about 10,000 workers, under the supervision of engineers of Asian origins, namely: Ezidros and Antimus. Square shape, the length of its side reaches about 33 m, and at the top of this part there is a huge dome that rises 54 m, and its base is surrounded by 40 windows, in addition to the presence of two domes that are less than the main dome in size, and they are based on two side curves that are large in size, knowing that there are two domes in the form of M You get used to the huge dome. It is worth noting that the building and the dome are decorated with polychrome marble, and its floors are covered with mosaic-colored tiles with an attractive engineering design.

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History of Hagia Sophia

The Church of Hagia Sophia was built in the year 537 AD, at the request of Justinianus the First of the Byzantine Emperor at the time; to be a major edifice of the Byzantine Christian state, and an amazing landmark of the capital (Constantinople), where at that time it represented an architectural symbol, a religion that was not a Eastern religious It is important to mention that this edifice was used as a church until the year 1453AD, that is, until the famous Ottoman leader Muhammad al-Fateh entered the city, so he made the Hagia Sophia a mosque and an Islamic mosque symbolizing the hegemony and strength of the Ottoman Empire. T leads the Islamic acts of worship, such as prayer, and continued the case until 1923; where the caliphate collapsed Ottoman, and received Mustafa Kemal Ataturk’s rule in the country, he established a secular republic, and about the Hagia Sophia Mosque in 1935 to a museum featuring many Islamic artifacts, and Christianity.

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