The most important tourist attractions in Malaysia

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Langkawi Island

Langkawi Island is one of the most important tourist attractions in Malaysia, and one of the most beautiful tourist islands in it, knowing that it consists of ninety-nine islands located in the Andaman Sea, and this island is characterized by its quiet environment with many lush landscapes, including many scenic Lakes, white sand beaches, and coconut trees that extend on its shores, and visitors can experience yacht riding, enjoy it, and walk on the sides of the beaches, in addition to an opportunity to see the diverse wildlife ِ It should be noted that this island has been dubbed the “International Geopark” by UNESCO, in the year 2007 AD.

Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, the Malaysian capital, is classified as the sixth most attractive city in the world for tourists, as it is visited by approximately 8.9 million visitors in one year. It has interesting tourist attractions, including the Lake Perdana Gardens (Lakeana Lake) And the Kuala Lumpur Lighthouse (Menara KL Tower), and Petronas Twin Towers (English: Petronas Twin Towers), which consist of the two tallest skyscrapers in Malaysia, knowing that they are connected by an air bridge that is considered the highest bridge in the world, and it is important to It is reiterated that this city is affected by a mixture of Malaysian, Chinese and Indian cultures, so most of its visitors do not suffer from a lack of food in it.

Perhentian Islands

Perhentian Islands is a tourist destination of choice for travelers with a limited budget; it is less expensive compared to other Malaysian tourist islands. The Perhentian Islands are made up of three islands. Perhentian Kessel is the smallest island among these islands. Perhentian Besar is the closest and largest island. It should be noted that these islands are seasonal islands, as they are almost empty in the winter months, while they are in the month of July at the time of peak, and activity.


Mosques in Malaysia are considered to be among the most prominent Islamic symbols in them, and they contain several scenic mosques which are considered one of the most beautiful mosques around the world, the most prominent of which is the Terengganu Mosque (in English: Terengganu Mosque), which is known as the Crystal Mosque, because it is made of glass, and it is made of glass, Malacca Straits Mosque, which was built on a man-made island, in addition to the Sultanah Zahra Mosque (English: Tengku Tengah Zaharah Mosque) which is known as the floating mosque, as this mosque was built on the river Terengano on the surface of the water, to be floating above the surface of the water, to be floating above Its construction represents modern architecture, and Moroccan Islamic architecture.

Batu Caves

Batu Caves attracts many tourists, especially in the Thebosam Festival for the Hindu community in Malaysia, where these caves are home to Hindu shrines, and the most famous of which is the huge Hindu statue at the entrance to these caves. It is worth noting that there are three main caves in it, and they also contain many Hindu religious properties.


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