The most important tourist attractions in Sharjah

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Al Khan Beach

Al Kahn Beach is considered one of the most important public beaches in the emirate of Sharjah. It is characterized by its soft sand and stunning views, and it is possible for visitors, and tourists to roam on the beach, enjoy the sunshine, or engage in various activities such as water and swimming, such as: And, children can have a wonderful leisure time, by playing in the water park, and floating water games.

Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization

This magnificent museum includes a large number of ancient historical artifacts that express the history, civilization of Islam, and the religious, social, and scientific achievements of Muslims throughout history, and visitors can wander through the museum and see the museum.

Sharjah Museum of Antiquities

The Sharjah Archeology Museum includes very ancient archaeological collections that date back to about one hundred and twenty-five thousand years ago, and these monuments provide a glimpse into the ancient history of the area that Sharjah sits on and its surroundings.

Sharjah Museum of Heritage

The Sharjah Heritage Museum includes traditional heritage displays that provide a glimpse into the customs, traditions, culture, and Bedouin lifestyle of the locals in the emirate of Sharjah, and the United Arab Emirates in general.

Maliha archaeological site

The Mleiha Archaeological Site is considered one of the tourist places, and important historical monuments in Sharjah and the Emirates. It includes many archaeological excavations dating back to the first human in the Stone Age, the Neolithic period, the Bronze Age, the Bronze Age, the Bronze Age, the Bronze Age, the Bronze Age and the Bronze Age. Before Islam.

Al Qasba District

Al Qasba is located on both sides of the Al Qasba Water Canal, which is a lively and active area that includes cafes, restaurants, and recreational activities, in addition to a picturesque park, and visitors can enjoy a tour of the water boats in the channel.

Sharjah Fort

Sharjah Fort (English: Sharjah Fort) is an old building that was built in the year one thousand eight hundred and twenty three, and has been used as a museum since the year two thousand and fifteen, and this museum displays many works, and paintings that express the history of the construction of the fort and the history of the ruling family.


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