Notre Dame Cathedral is the queen of the old city of Lausanne. The city of Lausanne is one of the most beautiful and diverse Swiss destinations for what it strives to provide to its visitors, in terms of keenness to stay away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, along with its recreational and marketing capabilities that are not considered where recreation and seeking knowledge, to appear as A small capital characterized by its multi-faceted beauty, Lausanne is located in western Switzerland, where it overlooks Lake Geneva, and is always chosen by the tourists in order to enjoy the magnificence of its scenic scenes and relax in the calm and romance, Lausanne is characterized by the presence of many historical monuments of castles and monuments and Churches, perhaps the most important of which is the Notre Dame Cathedral, which is located the old city of Lausanne, and here is more information for Arab travelers.

Notre Dame Cathedral in Lausanne:

This cathedral is considered the queen of the ancient historical city of Lausanne, as it is the most important Gothic edifice in Switzerland and Europe, and is considered the rose window dating back more than five centuries ago, it has great significance, which was built in the period between 1170 to 1240 and this city is distinguished It has a unique artistic and architectural style, which made it a tourist attraction of interest for many architectural lovers, considering Notre Dame de Lausanne Cathedral is one of the most beautiful Gothic cathedrals in Switzerland and one of the most attractive attractions for Lausanne.

Notre Dame Cathedral, the most important tourist destinations in Lausanne:

  • Notre Dame Cathedral is one of the most important and best tourist destinations in Lausanne, which attracts many tourists throughout the year from all over the world, due to its ancient historical evidence and wonderful architecture, and is one of the best ancient tourist attractions for lovers of historical places, culture and architecture, it attracts thousands of tourists Every year, this cathedral is surrounded by the old city of Lausanne, as it includes the castle of Mir that was built in 1397 until 1427, as well as surrounded by the Al Tower, which was built in 1340, as well as the city hall that was built during the 17th century and the tower of the Bishop Castle in Uche which dates back Build them into a For the 12th century, it is considered the last monument that remained from the city wall, as it dates back to the Middle Ages and it was home to nearly fifty towers.
  • As usual, the cathedrals that were being built in medieval cities, they were built on the engineering style of the Gothic style, and the city of Lausanne was when the Notre Dame Cathedral was built on top of a high hill overlooking the city, and this large cathedral was built so that it is a tourist destination for Christian pilgrims who They come to it from all parts of Europe in order to bless the statue of the Virgin Mary who was present in a previous church in the same place since the eighth century, and it was common among people that this statue fulfills marvels, but after entering the Bernese the traces of the statue were lost and the cathedral remained used by people All prominent religious ceremonies in the city of Lausanne.

Cathedral working hours:

Work begins at Notre Dame Cathedral in Lausanne in April until September starting at nine in the morning until it closes at seven in the evening, while in the period from October to March, working hours start from nine in the morning and end at five in the evening.

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