Tips for food allergy sufferers

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People who are allergic to certain types of foods or who follow a special diet regimen for other illnesses or due to personal or religious convictions, usually find it very difficult to adhere to their pre-determined diet, especially during travel trips, and their suffering often begins from The time when they discover that the plane, ship, or bus they travel on does not offer foods that are in line with their food diet, and even when they arrive at the hotel restaurant or one of the restaurants on their tourist destination to find that the language barrier makes them unable to explain what they want to eat and what they do not want to Eat it for the waiter Y may barely speak a few words in English, and to overcome problems of this type, here are a range of important travel advice for those who suffer from allergies to specific types of food:

Plan well for your trip before you travel:

This is done by making sure to book your flight on a plane or ship that offers multiple options in the menus so that you can choose what suits you best, and likewise make sure that the hotel that you will be booking is one of the hotels that can provide food that is in line with your diet.

It is also better to do a good search before traveling for tourist restaurants in your travel destination, especially if your diet is of the vegetable type and your travel destination is one of the countries where vegetarian food is not known, such as South America, note that you will not face much difficulty in finding restaurants that do Vegetarian food in the case of a country like India, which statistics show that almost a third of its population is vegetarian.

Translation cards that explain food allergies:

If you travel to a country that does not speak its language and is not spread in international languages ​​such as English, and you suffer from food allergy, you must carry “physically” cards describing the state of food allergies that you suffer from, the foods that you are forbidden to eat and the foods that you are allowed to With it, you can use an interpreter to write this card or companies that specialize in printing flyers and cards that talk about food in different languages.

You can also create your own card using the pictures and information available on food in many languages ​​on specialized internet sites, such as vegetarian diets.

Restaurants and food:

Talk to hotel workers about restaurants that provide your nutritional needs or markets from which you can buy foods that suit you, and perhaps you should also contact the hotel management before you arrive to them to explain to them the nature of your nutritional needs and the prohibitions it includes so they can prepare information about places that provide food Which suits you right upon your arrival.

If the hotel has a restaurant, try to talk to the waiter or chef who supervises the restaurant to talk to him about the food you want to eat and see if it can be provided.


If you are on a special diet for some reason, it is preferable to book a hotel unit that includes facilities that help you prepare your own food, such as a kitchen that the hotel guests can use, you can also choose to stay in one of the small beautiful hotels that families supervise, you can talk With them directly about the foods you want to eat and the foods you do not want to eat.

Perhaps you can also book a housing unit such as an apartment or a private villa, both of which contain an integrated kitchen and food storage units, which will help you to cook your food more easily.

Airplanes, trains, cars and ships:

All of them are means of travel that may provide various menus or not, and to find out that you can communicate with customer service or visit the website of travel agencies that offer travel services through various means of transportation, you can always also carry snacks that you have prepared in advance so that you can eat them during the travel trip But first make sure to review the laws regarding carrying foods across borders.

Allergenic foods:

Oftentimes the airlines provide on their flights snacks that include food that causes an allergic reaction in some people and therefore you must first check the content of snacks before you eat them.

Medical precautions:

Make sure that you carry a picture of your natural file so that the attending physician can facilitate your travel destination, understand your health condition and provide the appropriate treatment for you as quickly as possible, be sure to contract a health insurance policy to ensure you receive the appropriate treatment when needed, be sure to carry the drug that treats the reaction Allergic reactions or their severity, for example antihistamines.

Tips for food allergy sufferers - Tips for food allergy sufferers
Tips for food allergy sufferers

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Plan well for your trip before traveling

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Translation cards that explain food allergies

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Restaurants and food

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Allergenic foods


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