Tips when traveling to Greece

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There are countless reasons that make you choose Greece to be your next tourist destination, the most important of which are the wonderful beaches, picturesque mountains areas, delicious local foods and archaeological sites that bear witness to the ancient history of the country, but before you start your journey to Greece there are several things that you must consider in order to ensure Spend a great vacation in Greece without obstacles or problems.

Here is a set of important tips when traveling to Greece:

Do a good research before selecting your hotel:

Greece contains a wonderful group of hotels and tourist resorts, which vary between boutique hotels and luxury tourist resorts with high prices and between small hotels and resorts with comprehensive service, both of which are characterized by low prices somewhat, so be sure to do a good search and choose the perfect hotel or resort for you In terms of prices and how close or far from the beach, shopping areas or tourist attractions, before you make a reservation.

Avoid the high season:

Try to avoid visiting Greece during the summer season, which is the peak tourist season in Greece, where the heat rises and the crowds increase at that time in Greece. It is preferable to visit Greece during the months of May and June, where the weather is fairly moderate, as well as October, when the Greek beaches still keep warm the summer.

Do not ignore the mainland:

Do not make your trip in Greece confined to visiting the Greek islands. The mainland has a lot to offer visitors to the country, from the Pindus mountain range in the north to the golden beaches in the Western Peloponnese. The mainland also contains a large collection of archaeological sites.

Take advantage of the national rail service:

The national rail service in Greece is available at low prices, although it only reaches limited places, but most of these places are one of the main tourist destinations.

Eat and drink like a local:

Search for the favorite restaurants of the local people in Greece, where you will find good food at good prices. Just remember that the Greeks do not eat early, not before 10 am.

Enjoy a good cultural sense:

Be sure to learn more about the culture and traditions that characterize Greek society. While Greek youth are more liberal and open to exotic culture, the elderly and Greek rural communities are still very conservative and therefore prefer to dress modestly when visiting ancient churches and rural societies.

Be careful when visiting the capital:

The Greek capital is rich in attractions, which include ancient Greek antiquities and a group of wonderful museums, but it must be careful, as several instances of theft were recorded for tourists, so you should pay close attention to your personal purposes, especially when using crowded means of transportation such as the metro.

Learn a little Greek:

The English language is spreading well in Greece so you will not find it difficult to communicate with the Greeks if you are fluent in English but you will receive the attention and appreciation of the local people if you show interest in the Greek language and culture by learning some basic phrases and rules in the Greek language.

Tips when traveling to Greece - Tips when traveling to Greece
Tips when traveling to Greece

Tips when traveling to Greece - Tips when traveling to Greece
Do a good search before selecting your hotel

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Eat and drink like a local citizen

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Enjoy a good cultural sense

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Make sure to take advantage of the national rail service


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