The Natura Artis Magistra Zoo is located in the heart of Amsterdam, and is one of the tourist attractions in the Netherlands and the oldest zoo in the country, where it was established and opened a century and more ago.
It includes 27 historical buildings, where the building of the library, an aquarium, and the Lednocalin building to the right of the main entrance, dates back to the mid-nineteenth century, while the Wolf House and Masman House were located on the site before the establishment of the park

Artis Amsterdam Zoo

Activities you can do

• You can wander around the place to enjoy taking pictures and see historical buildings and sculptures that come in many shapes and colors in the garden, and visit the free artis square in the western corner of it, which will give you a vision of civil life from a historical perspective in which nature is connected to the city.

Artis Zoo in Amsterdam

• Your kids will be delighted to see the young animals that were born in the garden, such as jaguar cubs, grizzly wolf cubs, and the endangered little Maximus elephant.

Artis Zoo is one of the most beautiful parks in Amsterdam

• You can also see all kinds of animals, birds, and reptiles in the Artis Park, including perennial Aldabra turtles, two-humped camels, crowned pigeons, orangutans, and crocodiles.

Artis Zoo is one of the best tourist places in Amsterdam

• In the garden there is a beautiful stone façade called Dreams Party, with a small waterfall, where you can take beautiful memorial photos.

Artis Zoo in the Netherlands Amsterdam

You and your children must visit the Museum of Microbes, the only microbial museum in the world, the smallest and most powerful living creature on the planet. One of the most important activities of the museum is to identify the microorganisms that live with us and our bodies and within them.
The visit includes health information, alternative energy sources, and many others, and is one of the most useful and famous museums among children.

Microbes in Otis Park

• There is a short break between tours in Café de Plantage, which is located among sycamore trees and includes a spacious balcony beside the large bird cage in the nature. The restaurant has a unique, sunny wooden lounge from the 19th century.

Café de Plantage in the Otis Park

You and your children can subscribe to the Artes Zoo activities for summer nights in June, July, and August. These activities include children’s workshops, emerging music shows, and lectures on animals, plants and microorganisms by professionals. It ends with an evening tour with a guide.

Summer nights in Otis Park

Entry prices

For adults and children from 10 years and above 21,5 €.
For children between 3 and 9 years 18 euros.
Free for those under 3 years old.
Map of the park 2 euros.

work hours

Everyday from 9 am to 6 pm.

Hotels near Artis Zoo

Hyatt Regency Amsterdam is a 5-star hotel with great reviews, located 600 meters from Artis Zoo
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Location with great views, comfortable rooms, helpful staff, and excellent breakfast

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The Grand Hotel Amrat is a 5-star hotel in the Netherlands, Amsterdam with very good reviews, it is located 1 km from Artis Zoo
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
A classic building in a quiet location, the staff is helpful, and there is a child-friendly pool, some visitors complained of mice due to the age of the building.

Hotel reservation

Artis Zoo website

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