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Tour in Japan

The country of Japan is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world, as it contains many tourist places that mix modernity and originality, which are represented in temples, buildings, and it also has a list of recent achievements in technology and architecture, and we will provide you In this article about the best tourist places in Japan.

The best tourist places in Japan

There are many tourist places in Japan, including the following:

  • Hiroshima Peace Memorial: It is a tribute that was made to those who lost their lives due to the nuclear bomb that fell on Hiroshima on the date of August 6, 1945 AD, and this building is the only one left from the vicinity after the bomb was dropped, and it serves as a harsh reminder to the world of the ugliness of war and the importance of man.
  • Kiyomizu Temple: It is a Buddhist temple, located in eastern Kyoto, and has an internal waterfall originating from the outer river, and contains many works of art, talismans, and shrines.
  • Himeji Castle: It is the best example of Japanese architecture, and the castle was fortified to defend the country against enemies during the feudal period, and it was built several times over the centuries, as its design reflects different periods of time, and is widely used in domestic and foreign films, due to its unique design of Its genre, attractive beauty, and the most famous movie I’ve shot in is James Bond (you only live twice).
  • Mount Fuji: It is considered the highest mountain in Japan, with a length of approximately 3,776 meters, and is one of the famous landmarks in Japan. It is frequently visited by tourists to climb it, as it is estimated that there are approximately 200,000 climbers each year, and 30% of them are foreigners.

Landmarks of Tokyo

Some of the sights in Tokyo:

  • Tokyo Tower: It is an amazing design for modern life and technological advancement in Japan. It was inspired by the Eiffel Tower, and it is ranked second in terms of the longest man-made structure in Japan. It is also used as a communications and control tower, and it can be visited to see the scenic views, in addition to that It contains shops, restaurants.
  • Tokyo Imperial Palace: It is a management center, and there is a museum for displaying artwork and Japanese history. The palace was built on the ruins of ancient castles that were destroyed in the war, and the palace is surrounded by a group of traditional Japanese gardens, and there are many reception rooms, and engineers who They built it.

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