Como is a border city located between the italyn north and the Swiss northwest, and it is considered one of the most beautiful tourist cities in Italy.

Its economy depends on the silk industry and tourism recently, and tourism in Como, Italy, is gaining its reputation from its charming lake and its green mountainous chains, its buildings and palaces, which reflect the beauty and the italyn architectural elegance, and its hotels that are no less elegant and charm than their ancient buildings.

To further match the magic of fantasy with reality, we will accompany you on a quick trip to the most beautiful landmarks of Como.

Best of Como hotels

Como is a first-class tourist city, so it is not surprising that it possesses a fine chain of picturesque coastal hotels and resorts that differ in the level of services and prices according to the possibilities and needs of each guest of comfort and luxury, and perhaps one of the best hotels of Como … Read more

Tourism in Como and its best hotels

Lake Como

It is one of the most important tourist attractions in the italyn Como, which captures the hearts and eyes of tourists thanks to its icy nature and its depth exceeding 400 m and makes it one of the deepest European lakes and an area that exceeds 140 square kilometers to make it the third largest italyn lake, in addition to its pure blue water .. Read more

Tourism in Como and enjoy Lake Como


It is well known, as it is one of the best that can be visited during tourism in Como Italy, where enjoying green and scenic mountain nature among the most famous mountain ranges in Europe, and the region offers safari trips, camping and even wonderful climbing for hobbyists or exciting mountain bike rides.

Tourism in Como and visit to the Alps

Como Cathedral

One of the best tourist destinations in Como for art lovers, as the cathedral located close to the lake is distinguished by its unique architectural design dating back to the end of the 14th century, rich statues decorating its entrance and the drawings that decorate its walls and ceilings from the inside, it is an architectural masterpiece worth seeing and documenting.

Visiting Como Cathedral during tourism in Como

Social Theater

One of the architectural and artistic masterpieces abounding in the italyn city of Como, where the construction of the majestic neo-classical style from the outside is vast, from the inside, multi-storey, and to transport 5 floors, which accommodates about 90 spectators who follow the masterpieces of the world stage, you can simply be one of them.

Visit the Social Theater while in Como

Volta Lighthouse

It is not just a landmark you visit during tourism in Como, Italy, but it is a tour that reveals to you the magical beauty of the city.

The lighthouse with a length of 29 meters is located at the top of a mountain that provides you with an integrated view of the Alps and the lake, and access to it requires riding a mountain train and thus enjoying the beautiful scenery in which the italyn city of Como is famous.

Tourism in Como and visit the Volta Lighthouse

Castello Baradello

It is one of the best tourist places in Como if you want to explore the city’s long history by visiting its impenetrable fortress with a long history against enemy attacks while winning a wonderful panoramic view of the beautiful city from the top of a hill above 400 meters above sea level where the fortress stands.

Tourism in Como and visit the Castello Baradello Castle

Villa Carlotta

It is one of the most beautiful tourist sites in Como, Italy, which is characterized by the abundance of its villas, especially those that extend along the coast of the lake or near it, such as this villa located in the town of Termitso near Lake Como.

Villa Carlotta is distinguished by its impressive white building that extends into 70 thousand square meters, in addition to its spacious flowered garden and great sculptures.

Rest in Como and see the Carlotta villa

italyn garden

Among the most famous parks in the italyn city of Como, the most beautiful, and cheapest, it is an ideal destination for the family to relax, recreation and hike during tourism in Como, between gradients of tropical plants, fragrant flowers, sculptures, wonderful statues and stately palaces.

Enjoy visiting the italyn garden during tourism in Como

Como Markets

Como is famous as a silk city, so it is impossible to visit without going through its shops and boutiques, which are spread throughout it and buy some of its soft, elaborate silk textiles. It is a fun experience, be sure to miss it.

Tourism and shopping in Como

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