Tourism in Madrid

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The city of Madrid

Spain includes many world tourist cities that thousands of visitors and tourists go to every year, and the most prominent of these cities is the city of Madrid, so one of us does not hear the global soccer team Real Madrid, it is about being a world sports city, but it is considered artistic and cultural, so that the most prominent and beautiful exhibitions are held annually Artistic, and it includes buildings that are an indication of how great the architecture is in relation to Europe as a whole; therefore we will address here the most prominent tourist places in Madrid that can be visited without hesitation upon arrival in Spain.

Tourism in Madrid

Among the sights in Madrid:

  • Reina Sofia Museum: It is a historical museum established by Queen Sofia in the year 1992 AD, where it was initially built as a hospital, then expanded in the form of a museum in the year 2005 AD, by the French engineer Nouvel to become one of the most beautiful and most important international museums in which many exhibitions of major artists are held, so it was displayed It contains works by Picasso, Dali, Guernica, and many others.
  • Mercado de San Miguel: It is a popular and distinctive shopping area, located near the Plaza Mayor and characterized by its walls made of glass in a delicate and beautiful architectural way, in which marine organisms such as shellfish and fish are sold, and what most encourages many to visit is that it remains open until about a long time until the second after midnight .
  • Debod Temple: It is one of the most prominent and beautiful tourist places in the world and the strangest, and is surrounded by a group of other tourist areas, most notably the royal palace and the Egyptian temple called the Temple of God Isis, which moved to Spain in the year 1968 AD.
  • Plaza de Cibeles: It is a wide square located in Madrid Plaza, to be surrounded by a group of ancient buildings designed on the classic system. This square is surrounded by a statue or symbol of the city of Madrid, in addition to a fountain designed on the Roman system in the year 1780 AD.
  • Puerta del Sol: It is a region at a crossroads, where people gather to celebrate the coming of the New Year every year.

Real Madrid Palace

It is the official residence used by the royal family in Spain, which is located specifically on a street called Pailin, which is considered one of the most beautiful and most attractive tourist areas for large numbers of tourists, and art exhibitions are held annually, and it includes a group of buildings and buildings dating back to the Middle Ages in particular Modern ones, built in the classic, Gothic and Baroque style.


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