Tourism in Palestine

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Tourism in Palestine

The State of Palestine is distinguished by its possession of many tourist and archeological sites that mix culture, history, art, civilization and religion, and many civilizations passed through or inhabited the State of Palestine, such as Canaanite, Egyptian, Babylonian, Assyrian, Greek, Phoenician, Romanian, Christian, Hebrew and Islamic, which greatly affected the formation of civilization, history and antiquities of Palestine. The different and distinctive expressions of these civilizations, and the State of Palestine is also home to the three monotheistic religions, and the sacred religious places and temples spread among its lands, as it includes the oldest church for Christians on the face of Its land includes also the second holiest mosque for Muslims in the world.

The city of Bethlehem

The city of Bethlehem is considered one of the most attractive tourist cities in Palestine, as it is considered a holy city for Christians, as it is the birthplace of Jesus Christ, and many religious festivals and exhibitions are held for several days, and the Patriarch Parade has been included as a UNESCO World Heritage. In the year 2012 AD.


One of the attractive tourist cities in the state of Palestine is the city of Ramallah, which is the cultural capital of the West Bank and contains many historical sites such as mosques, churches and the famous Arafat’s tomb.

Khalil city

One of the attractive tourist cities in the state of Palestine is the city of Hebron, which is famous for its historical and religious sites, and it is the city that contains the famous cave of the patriarchs, which is said to be a home to the graves of the patriarchs.

Other tourist sites

In addition to the above, the State of Palestine possesses other archaeological sites, including the following:

  • Cradle yard.
  • Church of the Nativity, which is the birthplace of Christ.
  • Al Mahd Street.
  • The minaret of the Al-Nasser Mosque in Nablus.
  • Toukan Castle
  • Turkish bath.
  • St. George’s Monastery.
  • The Ibrahimi Mosque.


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