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The World Tourism Organization of the United Nations has defined the tourist as the person who leaves his home for more than eighty kilometers for the purpose of tourism, which is the act of travel, and if the goals differ, they range from amusement, recreation, treatment of diseases, study, adventure, and exploration, in addition to the religious tourism that the tourist aims to visit places For him and many other types of sacred things, there are countries in the world that are distinguished only by the presence of attractive tourist places in them that are considered attractions, such as the Statue of Liberty in New York in the United States of America, or Petra in Jordan and Arhama, Egypt is a distinctive tourist destination for many, and many women around the world at the Arab level, because they contain monuments and ancient temples dating back to the ancient Pharaonic civilization, in addition to the availability of the elements of tourism travel offices, companies and tourist villages and various hotels, restaurants, cafes, gardens and water for swimming, diving and others.

Sharm El-Shaikh

Sharm El Sheikh is one of the Egyptian tourist cities and it is located in Sinai on the Red Sea coast between the Gulf of Suez and Aqaba, and Naama Bay is one of its most famous areas and is also known as the “City of Peace.” The city includes a number of resorts, cafes, hotels, nightclubs, markets, restaurants, casinos and other recreational facilities that Tourists spend the most beautiful time with their relatives, and is known for its attractive and beautiful temperate climate, which is one of the most important factors of tourist attractions in addition to its scenic landscapes, hotel and tourism services that enhance the good reception and spirit of hospitality for tourists. We have all their needs during their stay in the place, in addition to those in charge of the city are committed to the latest types and styles of architecture and are also keen on the safety of their customers and ensuring their entertainment, and the city is famous for having markets such as the old market known for its prices that are accessible to all, rather than exorbitant tourist prices, and there is also a village Bedouin heritage was established to preserve the heritage that belongs to the Bedouin, in addition to dolphin shows, camel rides and horse riding, and tourists can practice diving, snorkeling, swimming and doing safari in the desert, as the city has a variety of gardens, the most famous of which is the Peace Park which It includes rare species of plants, including mosques and churches.

Tourism is one of the most important economic sectors for the state, especially if it was spent on it, caring for it, allocating, renovating and building the necessary facilities for it. The female worker generates income.

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