Despite the similarity of the natural tourist places in many countries, the tourism in the French countryside remains completely different and distinct. The idea of ​​tourism in the French countryside goes beyond the idea of ​​spending time between the natural aspects of life in mountains or green plains to include also the historical, archaeological and cultural places.

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The most beautiful places of tourism in the French countryside

Tourism in the French countryside

The city of Ryum

Riom is located on the edge of Lake Limagne, between the Botanical Garden and the Volcanoes of Auvergne, surrounded by green areas on each side. In addition to this charming nature, there are some historical buildings in the city, such as the court building (Palais de ((Justice), which occupies the Palace of the Duke of Berry, and the old part of the castle, which dates back to the year 1382-1388 AD and is decorated with windowed glass windows dating back to the fifteenth century. Another tourist attraction is the "Auvergne Museum", which includes a wonderful collection of local artifacts representing traditional arts and crafts in the region. The museum also provides examples of rural life in the region in the period leading up to the industrial renaissance. There is also a museum ((Musée Mandet)) an exceptional collection Of the exhibits are more than 6000 pieces of Paintings and sculptures.Tourism in the French countryside

The city of Clermont-Ferrand

The city is located on a high mountain hill surrounded by ancient walls on all sides and behind it a group of old green suburbs. The city of Clermont-Ferrand occupies a special place in European history where it is believed to be the home of the emergence of the idea of ​​"Crusades". The city includes a group of monuments of the Middle Ages period such as towers The churches number up to 50, the most famous of which is the visit of Notre Dame Cathedral.Tourism in the French countryside

Auvergne Volcanic Park

The park can be considered a natural reserve that includes some of the most beautiful places for hiking during tourism in the French countryside. The park includes a unique diversity in natural appearances, there are primitive rivers and volcanic craters with calm valleys, volcanic lakes and green stars. Tourist activities in the volcanic park climb mountains with motorbikes, swimming, Volcanic craters climb.Tourism in the French countryside

The city of Orsival

The city is located southwest of the city of Clermont-Ferrand, between the mountains of "Domiz" and "Doree". One of the sights worth visiting is the "Palace of Chords" which dates back to the fifteenth century AD. .Tourism in the French countryside

The city of St. Flor

One of the most famous places of tourism in the French countryside, which extends over an area of ​​914 meters above one of the volcanic tongues inside the water, and the city is distinguished by the abundance of landscapes different from those around it. One of the most beautiful activities in the city is free tours and visiting the shops, stores, restaurants and cafes scattered everywhere.

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