Tourism in Turkey Bursa

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If you are a fan of visiting natural tourist attractions, the tourism article in Turkey Bursa submitted by the Arab Travelers website is appropriate for you because it guides you to a number of the most beautiful magical sights in Turkey Bursa with clarification of the most important information on each of them in addition to that the article explains a lot of hotels High-end to help you spend an unforgettable time in the sparkling Bursa.

The most important places of tourism in Turkey Bursa

Tourism in Turkey Bursa - Tourism in Turkey Bursa

Bursa Botanical Park

  • It is known as a flower garden.
  • Its area is about 400,000 square meters.
  • Close to 8,500 trees belonging to 150 species grow, in addition to more than 100,000 shrubs of about 76 species.
  • It provides the opportunity to enjoy the abundance of 27 types of flowers, with an estimated number of 6000 flowers.
  • It includes a vast water basin for fans of water games.
  • Attached to it are a number of distinguished educational and recreational facilities.
  • Official Website.

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Küreklidere Falls

  • Height is 82 meters.
  • Surrounded by a picturesque green forest, close to it are many high-end amenities and entertainment.
  • One of the best places to visit in summer.

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Uluabat Gölü Lake

  • Its area is about 140 square kilometers.
  • Its depth is only 3 meters.
  • It includes 7 islands.
  • On its coast there is a charming village called Julia’s and it is distinguished for its number of Roman monuments.
  • It provides an opportunity to see many types of fish and birds.
  • It is one of the top destinations for camping lovers.

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Othmanic village

  • It is located in the suburb of Yildirim.
  • It was built in the early days of the Ottoman Empire.
  • It includes 270 historic houses.
  • Most homes consist of 3 floors.
  • If you love festivals, you are invited to visit them during the month of June, as the village holds the berries festival during that period of each year.

1581258544 575 Tourism in Turkey Bursa - Tourism in Turkey Bursa

Podyum Park

  • One of the newest and best attractions in the city.
  • It was opened in the year 2015 AD.
  • It occupies an area of ​​85,000 square meters.
  • Enriched with premium leisure facilities suitable for all ages.
  • It boasts huge shopping malls and fine restaurants.
  • Official Website.

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The best hotels in Bursa

Hilton Hotel

  • Designed in Ottoman architectural style.
  • It is near the city center.
  • Official Website.

Sheraton hotel

  • One of the finest hotels in Bursa.
  • Official Website.

Elmira Hotel

  • It is famous for its distinctive lights that can be seen by looking at any of the high places spread around the city.
  • Official Website.

Baia Hotel

  • It occupies a privileged location near both the city center and the famous mega mall known as Anatoluim.
  • Official Website.

Holiday Inn

  • One of the most suitable accommodations for shopping enthusiasts as it is near the Kent Field Center.
  • Official Website.

You can view more special hotels by clicking on the following link: (The best Bursa hotels are advised to stay).
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