Amazon River, where is it located?

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Dear reader, we present to you, through our article today, Arab travelers, information about the Amazon River, where it is located, and it is called the Amazona, and the Amazon in the Spanish and Portuguese languages. The flow of this river is greater than the flow of eight rivers in the world.
And it is characterized by the Amazon that it has the largest drainage basin in the world, it covers about 40% of the total area of ​​South America, or about 7 million and a half million square kilometers, and in the rainy season we notice that there are parts of it that extend more than 190 km, and as a result of this expansion we find that sometimes it is called On it the river sea.
In the following lines we will talk about it in some detail only, you should follow us

Amazon River, where is it located?

  • It is called the Amazonas River and it is located in the continent of South America. The length of this river reaches 6437 km, and it has several titles including the Sweet Sea and the Cinnamon River, and it was recently named by this name in relation to the Amazon jungle.
  • The name Fresh River was named by the Spanish Vincent Jans Penzone, who discovered this river, but that was in 1541 AD.
  • In addition, this river is said to have been attacked by Amazonian Indian women, and here it was called Amazon by Francisco de Orellana.
  • There are many legends and literature about this river, and many events are woven from it with American literature.
  • There are those who believe that this river is mainly part of the Congo River, but it headed west fifteen million years ago, when South and North America were one bloc.
  • We find that the word upper Amazon is called all the flood plains, and rivers found in Ecuador, Brazil, Venezuela, Peru, Colombia, and all of them pour the river Solimos, and tributaries.
  • We note that the Amazon River has a number of different tributaries reaching two hundred tributaries or more, among them the tributary of Madeira and the tributary of Negro.

Where does it hurt Amazon River

  • It empties into the Atlantic Ocean, and originates from the Andes mountains located in the western side of Latin America, and it passes through the equatorial region, and runs adjacent to 12 cities, including Colombia, Peru, Brazil.
  • The width of the Amazon River reaches about eleven kilometers with dry seasons, but this width increases when it rains, reaching forty kilometers. The width varies according to the climate and the seasons of the year.
  • The flow of water into the river by the rainy season reaches about 300,000 cubic meters per second.
  • It owns a group of tributaries spanning a group of countries within South America, including Bolivia, Venezuela, Ecuador.
  • We find that the most important port located at the mouth is located in Belem, which is also the closest city to the mouth of the Amazon River.
  • The largest city on the bank of the Amazon River is the city of Manaus, located on the western side of Brazil.

Information on the Amazon River

We can use the Amazon River from its source, and even reach the estuary for navigation, as ships that have a large cargo reach the city of Menaouis, while ships with a small load go to the city of Actius, and therefore we note that navigation in this river is very suitable, as a result of the following: –

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  • There is no waterfall in this place, and this river runs along the plain which has a slight slope.
  • The course capacity at the mouth reaches about 80 km, while at the source it ranges between 5 to 20 km at the source.
  • It is considered the most prolific river in the world, as it drains water continuously and quickly.
  • Its depth is about ninety kilometers, so the navigation can be done well.
  • One of the most important factors that helps in navigation in the Amazon River is the occurrence of the tidal phenomenon. This phenomenon has an effect of about nine hundred kilometers from the estuary.

In addition to this there is the following river: –

  • There are 3 thousand species of fish found in the Amazon River, in addition to the presence of different types of frogs.
  • This river is located in the Amazon basin, which is an important habitat for about 2.7 million indigenous people who depend on the Amazon River.
  • Also, the river gives the world’s oceans 20% of the volume of fresh water, and the water of this river is equivalent to 1/5 of the fresh water on Earth.


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