Tourism in Valencia

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Valencia is considered one of the most important Spanish cities overlooking the Spanish beach overlooking the Mediterranean Sea from the eastern part, and it is one of the largest cities in terms of area and population, with a population of about 700 thousand people, according to a recent statistic, its area is about 100 km Square, and the city is distinguished by its climate that follows the Mediterranean Sea where its hot and long summers and mild and relatively warm winters, which makes it suitable for tourism, whether by its own citizens or by those who come to it from abroad, and in this article we will talk about tourism in Valencia and the age Carr some tourist facilities there.

Tourism in Valencia

The Spanish city of Valencia is an important tourist city, and it includes many facilities and landmarks that have made it at the forefront of other cities, in what are known as tourist attractions such as historical places and colorful festivals that have made the city a tourist destination to which tourists from different countries of the world can come, and tourists can practice various activities in it such as sitting on Beaches and swimming in addition to shopping carrying a souvenir with them from this city when they return to their home countries, and they can watch history closely and enjoy the splendor of architecture and engineering, whether ancient or modern.

Valencia’s tourist attractions

As we mentioned earlier, the city of Valencia is one of the most important tourist cities in Spain, and we mention here the most important tourist places that this city is famous for:

  • The old town, which is characterized by its buildings built on the basis of modern and distinctive architecture and is characterized as a historical city and has a lot of evidence of that, and tourists can take many pictures of the buildings and places, and is characterized by its night activity.
  • The city of arts and sciences is full of evidence of modern architecture with luxurious and distinctive buildings.
  • Ceramic Museum, which features free fees for people under eighteen or more than sixty-five years, while a single ticket between these two tranches costs about twenty euros. This museum displays the history of ceramics from ancient times in its various forms and colors.
  • Turia Gardens, which is an amazing part of the attractive nature of Valencia, and includes flowers, trees and roses, in addition to the sports stadiums where tourists can walk, cycling and tracks, in addition to enjoying the view of the fountains that people built and made.
  • The central market, which is a tourist destination, in addition to the tourists going to it to shop and buy different goods and products, and it is rich in various commodities such as meat, vegetables, fruits and artifacts, and different scents are issued from this market that reflect the Spanish spirit of delicious and distinctive Spanish cuisine, and this market is considered one of Europe’s large and distinctive markets .


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