Manchester is about 140 minutes from London, which is one of the high-end cities, people and urbanization, and the express train is the best means of transportation to reach it, specifically Easton Station. The city includes many tourist places suitable for all ages, and we will limit the discussion in this article about the most important tourist places for children in Manchester .

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Tourist places for children in Manchester

Trafford complex

Manchester includes the largest shopping center in Britain, which is the “Trafford” complex. The complex is distinguished by the distinct lighting that you see when you see that you are in front of a large palace to the large domes, which gives him luxury and splendor and consists of several buildings linked by bridges, and it is located in the city center and you can Going on foot, which is suitable for family graduations, especially as it includes many restaurants and various stores that suit the needs of all individuals, and the Trafford complex attracts children because it contains a small branch of “Lego Land” – the land of cubes -.Trafford Complex - Children's places of interest in ManchesterTrafford Complex – Children’s places of interest in Manchester Read also: Halal restaurants in Manchester

Lego Land Center

There are many activities available at the Lego Land Center located in the Trafford complex, most notably the installation of buildings and roads by plastic parts and seeing the strength they carry with a specific device that is placed on it to see if they fall or not, enjoy watching 3D and 4D animation movies, a tour of the game factory to learn how to make more than 100 thousand vehicle games. The center also has a small garden and cars for children to chase robots through it, there are cars that children can use with an adult and driving and aiming at targets with a laser weapon, and children can win a small car by competing with the rest of the children about building a mini car.LEGO Land Center - Children's Places of Interest in Manchester
LEGO Land Center – Children’s Places of Interest in Manchester

Chill Factore Ski Center

Chill Factor Ski Center is suitable for both adults and children, and it is a closed hall that includes several distinctive and exciting snow games, which made it the most important tourist places for children in Manchester. Aspects of the center in order to maintain the safety of visitors, and therefore you and your children can climb the walls freely, and inside you find a fast and light fast food restaurant that suits the diet “Dieting” The center also offers performances and concerts for children ranging between 45 minutes and 60 minutes. Read also: the best outlets In Manschs See brands

Manchester Adventure Park

The go ape adventure park is considered the most exciting in the city of Manchester, as it adds to its visitors a unique and unique experience that suits all family members, and the hanging rope is its best experience, along with the wooden panels, as it allows you to walk between the trees on a wooden board while tying yourself with a rope as a way to safety in Fall condition, as the park has balance bikes to explore the jungle that you cannot miss to use, and know well that the park is carefully secured, so enjoy your visit to it and leave your children the freedom to enjoy without worry.

Manchester United Stadium

Visiting the famous club stadium “Manchester United” is an urgent desire for football fans, old and young, as it is a tour that you should not miss even if you are not following the witch round, so you should know that the club organizes tourist tours inside the stadium and it is required that you reserve your place on the tour before going Otherwise, you will not be able to participate in the tour, which is a definition of the history of the stadium and its divisions, a visit to the club museum, which is related to medals, shields and cups obtained by the club’s heroes, a free tour of the stadium and stands, as well as a visit to the squad’s dressing room, conference room and the red corridor And for matches and reserve seats, in addition to the Munich Wall; and this name was named after the victims of the upcoming plane crash in Munich, Germany, after the famous game there.Manchester United Stadium - Children's places of interest in ManchesterManchester United Stadium – Children’s places of interest in Manchester Read also: Shopping places in Manchester

Alton Town Theme Park

Alton Town is the closest to Manchester, where it takes about an hour to reach it, divided into about 35 minutes by train from Piccadilly station to Stoke on Trent station, along with about 25 minutes by bus, and it takes an hour and a half by car, but you will not feel Absolutely boring from the length of the distance because of the green landscapes on both sides of the road. The city finds many interesting games, most notably Sonic, horror castle, pirate castle, death train and two eruptions are one of the horror playing amusement parks, aquarium and other fun games, the city is one of the most important tourist places For children in Manchester.Alton Town amusement park - children's places to visit in ManchesterAlton Town amusement park – children’s places to visit in Manchester

Blackpool Theme Park

It takes approximately 1:20 hours to reach the Blackpool amusement park, and you can take the train from Victoria Station to BPNk North Blackpool.

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