Khobar is one of the three most important in the eastern region of the Kingdom due to the tourist places in Khobar
Dazzles everyone because of its intensity and beauty. In the past, the city was a small port in the Persian Gulf until it was discovered
The oil fields have become one of the most important industrial ports and commercial centers in the eastern region, and wonderful tourist attractions have been established
Right in the city. Get to know her with us.

Table of Contents

The most important and most beautiful tourist places in the news

The King Fahd causeway

King Fahd Causeway is one of the architectural masterpieces in Al-Khobar city in terms of length, architectural design, location and everything
The length of the King’s Bridge is about sixteen miles, or up to twenty-six kilometers, and it links the Saudi city of Khobar
And Bahrain Island. The bridge consists of four lanes and in the middle of the bridge there is an island that is used as a customs checkpoint for the kingdom
Saudi Arab. Don’t miss the bridge, it’s a really cool place where you can go up the top of the bridge and enjoy great views
And very picturesque scenes, having tea, coffee and food from places there.The King Fahd causewayThe King Fahd causewayThe King Fahd causeway
King Fahd causeway in Al-Khobar Read also: Tourist places in Dammam .. Your comprehensive guide

Sunset Beach Resort in Al Khobar

Sunset Beach Resort is one of the most beautiful places you will ever see in Al Khobar, it is beautiful, the resort is a place
A unique residence for tourists, but you can also visit it even if you are not staying in it as it contains a large water park very picturesque and it is
Everyone’s favorite, as well as a bowling alley and fine dining facilities. You can go boating and canoeing on the water lake or
In the beautiful beach overlooking the resort. Thus, you will spend an enjoyable day with your family in a place of sophistication, fun and none
Prettier than him. Sunset Beach in Al KhobarSunset Beach in Al KhobarSunset Beach in Al KhobarSunset Beach in Al Khobar

Scitech Technology Center

The SciTech Science Center is one of the most modern scientific centers in the world and is known as the Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Science Center
And technology, which is an interesting and exciting scientific place to visit with your family. The center consists of seven main exhibition halls with more than 350
An exhibition related to different sciences and technology, and presentations are presented in an interactive manner, which makes it interesting for children and adults
Equally, there are many experiences that visitors can participate in. The center has a theater for showing educational films
On animals and nature, it also includes a scientific dome, an astronomical observatory, and a lot of interesting things that you will miss if you don’t visit the center.
While you are in the city of Khobar, it is one of the most important and most interesting tourist places in Khobar.Scitech Technology CenterScitech Technology CenterScitech Technology CenterScitech Technology Center

Corniche Al Khobar

The Corniche is the most beautiful tourist place in the news at all, it is full of stunning scenic views across the glistening waters and is one of the largest
Tourist attractions in the city where families come to him continuously to visit him and visit pristine gardens and quiet places that
It is located along the Corniche. You can stroll along the Corniche lined with palm trees, as the white structure looks
The decoration of the famous mosque on the Corniche is amazing, and you can also visit the gardens and green areas planted along it
Spend a very quiet and enjoyable time and get a lot of relaxation, also the area is suitable for jogging and cycling.Corniche Al KhobarCorniche Al KhobarCorniche Al KhobarCorniche Al Khobar

Khobar Water Tower

One of the most famous landmarks in the city, Al Khobar Water Tower, located on the Khobar Corniche, is a three-storey tower with
A restaurant on the top of the tower, providing the restaurant visitors with the best unique dining experience, while enjoying unparalleled views and views
It has a whole city from above and all its tourist attractions. It also has a large balcony where visitors can stand up
And watch the beautiful scenery from above quietly. The lowest tower contains a water tank that gives water to the city.Khobar Water TowerKhobar Water TowerKhobar Water TowerKhobar Water Tower

Al-Rashid Mall

Al-Rashid Mall or Al-Rashid Mall is one of the largest and most important commercial centers in the city of Khobar and is located in the west of the city on the northern side of
King Abdullah Road, it was opened in 1995 in the shape of Y and it was composed of four floors; three of them are for shopping and the floor
The lower one is for parking, then it was expanded in 2006 and it includes several facilities, including a mosque and a hypermarket
It became larger. The commercial complex design combines authentic Arab design with modern Western and international technologies. Includes
The mall has countless shops that offer the finest and best goods in the city, and there are many interesting facilities and prominent signs
Like a colorful and lit fountain inside. The mall is very suitable for a very enjoyable and enthusiastic holiday day with family or friends.Al-Rashid MallAl-Rashid MallAl-Rashid MallAl-Rashid Mall

Half Moon Beach Khobar

Tourists who wish to enjoy an enjoyable vacation on the seaside head to the half-moon beach in Al-Khobar, which is located
On the south coast of the city, this beach is beautiful in every sense of the word and when it comes to beaches it is
The first destination for families in the city. The beach is suitable for showering, as there are toilets for changing clothes after showering
Places to sit in umbrellas to protect from the sun’s rays; the most beautiful of all is that the entrance to the beach is completely free. Beach water is safe
To swim it is permanently blue, shallow, calm and quiet with very few waves and there is no tide at all. Tourists do many
Beach activities such as fishing and water sports of all kinds. It also has a garden for families to sit.Half Moon Beach KhobarHalf Moon Beach KhobarHalf Moon Beach KhobarHalf Moon Beach Khobar

Deghaither Island

The tourist island of Al-Deghaither occupies an area of ​​twelve thousand cubic meters in the southern part of the city of Khobar on the Corniche, which is
It is made up of three very elegant international restaurants with five stars and cafes and cafes that also have five
Stars in addition to an occasions hall, and there is a large car park inside the island. You can dine on the island at one of these restaurants
High-end with charming views of the Arabian Gulf and the Corniche, and it is one of the most beautiful tourist places in the news that will not regret
Never go to it.Deghaither IslandDeghaither IslandDeghaither IslandDeghaither Island

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