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The best countries for asylum

Some countries are distinguished by being the best in providing social care, and they are considered the first destination for refugees around the world, the most prominent of which are:

  • Sweden: Sweden was considered one of the best countries that people go for with the goal of asylum, as it ranked first in 2020, and received a grand prize for being a social welfare state with a democratic and progressive policy, and as long as it was considered a safe haven for migrants without discrimination between them, but the door to immigration was recently closed, Due to the inability of the state to absorb more refugees.
  • Germany: Germany is one of the most preferred destinations for asylum seekers in Europe, and it ranked eighth in 2020 among the best countries to receive refugees in the world, due to its strong economy and its distinguished services to care for asylum seekers, and many sought asylum in it from different countries such as Syria, Afghanistan, Kosovo, and Serbia Civil wars, persecution, and turmoil in these countries were the main factors behind these asylum claims.
  • United States of America: It is considered one of the best countries in the world for migration and asylum, although it fell to the tenth rank in 2020.

Note: This information may vary according to time and circumstances.

Benefits for refugees

Countries that are listed as the best asylum seekers differ in the benefits and services they provide to refugees, the most notable of which are the following:

  • Reception of refugees at the airport.
  • Providing temporary housing, and helping to find permanent housing.
  • Providing safety and emergency services.
  • Providing refugees with health and educational care.
  • Provide financial aid and create a bank account for each refugee.
  • Provide the necessary support for people with special needs.
  • Help finding work to provide a monthly income.

Facts about the disadvantages of asylum

There are some facts and information to know about care in some countries before arriving, despite what is said about the benefits of asylum, but many things may differ on the ground, and this is what most refugees do not know, as asylum seekers may not receive large aid from The state, as many of them suffer from poor living conditions, and often many asylum seekers are not allowed to work, they are forced to rely on the support of the state, and most of them are unable to pay the costs of the residence allocated to them by the local council.

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