Tourist places in the Philippines that you will not believe after that country has no place in the previous poverty, as it has turned into a tourist destination and tourist destination, but is also hotel-active in Asia as well.
This change is due to the interest in its cities, heritage, and landmarks that are ready for tourist turnout, as well as the divine abundance of nature, which has a wonderful impact on the human psyche, and with this there are typical types and activities for families and also for individuals, and they do not neglect the limited classes of entry with possible costs to do a pleasant internal tourism, which is what It applied it to its neighbors such as Indonesia, Thai people and Vietnamese as well.

Additional profile for the Philippines:

The Philippines is a tropical country and therefore its climate is also abundant with rain and summer heat, with winter drought, but it is not pleasant during the stormy periods of severe rainfall or typhoons of varying violence, which is from the seventh month until the tenth century AD on the Gregorian calendar, except that it is the rest The times are suitable for a winter vacation or a spring vacation.

Tourist places in the Philippines:

Philippine Makati Financial Heart

Makati is a city competing with the Manila capital, the Philippines, where it has the liveliness and financial presence that makes it of higher export value, as it is the center of localization of business and financial resources, as well as the infrastructure and diversity there, and the large and wide shopping and marketing malls with distinctive gardens.
Families that visit Makati can choose a place of residence that is modern and practical, among many options. There are what is normal and what is luxurious and so on, according to your financial capabilities. There are landmarks and regions of various importance and can be visited by a tourist such as:

  • Greenbelt complex and it is a shopping place that includes many malls, it is a large complex, and it is considered one of the tourist places in the Philippines in Makati, and it also has cinematic places to watch the world of the latest movies, and it is made up of buildings that have features that include the most famous and more expensive brands, clothing stores, toys and various merchandise And with prices ranging to suit the shoppers there, as well as the complex does not neglect the presence of restaurants that must be needed by tourists, and therefore provides options between several restaurants famous for international cooking.
  • The heart of the synagogue contains a church with the same name, it goes to those associated with the churches and those looking for a distance from the clamor.
  • Ayala Museum: An exhibition of Philippine art history and entertainment in a modern way. The Ayala Triangle Gardens are considered the greenery that mediates the deadlock in the heart of Makati, where you can walk for a picnic and feel refreshed in the evening, and do not forget to line up for restaurants and cafes.
  • Ayala Park also has fish pools for those who love to see it, ponds for roses, and when there are festivals at the beginning of the year you find them a theatrical festive home with music and lights.


The capital, and was chosen to tell the heritage of the Philippines culturally and at the political and historical level, full of many churches, as well as various museums, as well as the amazing presence of palaces, and the name is taken from the Arab farewell is in the safety of God.
It was a colony of ancient Spain, and it was removed, except that traces of its impact are noticed by the neighborhood of Intramuros, which you can find with ruin, destruction, and successive demolishing remains on this neighborhood during successive wars.
Among its areas is an old church, the oldest. There is a fee of 100 Filipino pesos, which is equivalent to one and a half dollars or a little more, and a museum is introduced to display sculptures and fees for an old one, which is small compared to other museums. What looks like a small air-conditioned city.

Quebec Youth Theme Park:

Among the tourist places in the Philippines is Quezon neighborhood, which is preferred by adolescents and youth, as it is vital, as is the university building of the University of the Philippines in it, and the presence of leisure patterns as well as science, where there is a green diversity between trees, gardens and forests, where simple sports such as bicycles, or relaxing in the sun can be practiced.
The presence of various exhibitions, artistic or cultural, is also an important factor in attracting them to this place. However, Vargas is the famous museum.
And the youth arrivals cannot be neglected without its support in the largest shopping malls, restaurants, etc., which you will notice in Eastwood neighborhood, which is considered a night active, and Quezonon does not lose sight of the existence of many garden structures, such as Ninoy Akyono Park, and its place adjacent to the memorial square there, and contains food stalls cheap. The place for family turnouts is the weekends end of the parks, and sitting on the lake located there

The most beautiful island of Burkai Philippines:

One of the most beautiful tourist areas and places in the Philippines is Boracay, an island located in the western Philippines, an island described globally in beauty, for the purity of its white sand and its low waters with a clear turquoise color, and the white beach there is divided into several stations and smaller beaches filled with tourists with the Philippine tourist seasons.
And then the sellers spread, and whoever wishes not to be present, he is advised to visit Boca Beach or Yapak Beach, and there are stalls for refreshing walnut juice, and restaurants, cafes or cafes with amazing views of it, and for the enthusiasts there is a jump from the tenth of meters from the ground.
As well as taking a boat ride to the crystal cave located there for fans of cave adventures and exploration.

Davao Mindanao, southern Philippines:

Its ecological reserves and tourist attractions are described for eco-tourism enthusiasts, such as the Aden Protectorate, the Eagles Garden, butterflies, the crocodile gardens, and the most unusual of the Davao Bone Museum, which consists of three elevated floors containing the combined structures of dinosaurs and others and its entry is 100 pesos.

Historic Cebu:

Cebu and its city are not neglected by the same name, as they have church antiquities and historical landmarks for Christians. Panoramic photography of the city from a mountain called the summit is allowed twelve kilometers away from it, which above contains a watchtower.

Bohol Island as tourist places in the Philippines:

The location of that island is the center of the Philippines, and its reputation is popular and locally popular, and that is because it contains scenes, charming views, and tourist activity that differs from the usual stereotypes.
The Chocolate Hills is the capital of that island and is only 40 minutes away from Tajbilaran by car, and the strange thing about these hills is the triangles of their peaks, and the color shift of greenery to the structure during the dry seasons over the Philippines, and perhaps the reason for these nominations for them, and includes an area with entry pricing is a control area up the hill It can be used to take pictures masterpieces, it costs 50 pesos.
Among the island’s well-known waterfalls, river traffic and reserves, including forest reserves such as Mahungi Forest, Bluebook cruise trips, and Kanamante waterfall, there are aerial skiing cables about one hundred and twenty meters above the river, and five hundred meters if you go towards the adventures of Danao.

Tourist places in modern Philippines, Taguig City:

A city from the cities of the capital, just 15 minutes away from it, and it is a tourist attraction for shoppers and speakers of modern living styles, and among the finest neighborhoods in Bonifacio, with the spread and expansion of areas of hotel buildings and market streets.
The Mind Museum is a modern and childish museum of thought. Only after entering it in 600 pesos can you see the various 3D movies culturally and entertainment and artistic shows, while the shopping mall has dozens of different cooking restaurants worldwide, and places for children to play, and there is shopping from Venice Piazza The shopping center with italyn character with designs resembling a sunken italyn city.
Coron Island, El Nido, Legaspi Volcano, Panglao Island, Cagayan de Oro, and Puerto Galeranosquejor are also the most important tourist destinations in the Philippines that you should limp there without boredom.

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