We all know that Turkey is one of the most beautiful tourist countries in the world, as Turkey is characterized by attractive and wonderful tourist places that attract millions of tourists annually, it is a first-class tourist country that contains a group of tourist cities that are distinguished from each other with many advantages, and all cities agree Turkish in the splendor of its beautiful natural scenery, and today we will go together on a new trip to one of the beautiful cities of Turkey, which is the tourist city of Bursa, which contains a huge amount of historical and recreational places, so let us wander through these attractive tourist places to get to know the most beautiful and Ktherha visit of tourists from around the world.

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Atatürk Müzesi Museum

This museum was one of the ancient palaces built in the nineteenth century, and this palace has been transformed into a museum that includes all the wonderful antiquities and historical contents. The museum or palace contains a lot of rooms and a bathroom, and the last floor was designated as a place for hosting visitors, and the museum opens Its doors are open daily from eight in the morning until twelve in the afternoon on all days of the week except Monday.

Cumalikizik Ottoman Village
The Ottoman Village is considered one of the ancient villages whose origins date back to the era of the Ottomans, it is a distinctive village that contains a lot of small wooden houses with simple designs and attractive colors, and this village lives a lot of people and families who receive tourists with great welcome, you can enjoy a comprehensive tour during which you get to know On the most beautiful tourist areas and you enjoy eating delicious sweets that you will find sold during your tour in the Ottoman village, and the people of this village are characterized by their simplicity and their ability to do wonderful and attractive handy things, where they do various household foods such as etc. G and other foods that affect tourists and visitors from around the world and impressive desserts.

Grand Mosque of Bursa

One of the oldest and largest Turkish mosques located in the city of Bursa, and the mosque contains 20 dome and is characterized by a huge structure with a wonderful water fountain and attractive architectural designs, if you are a fan of ancient historical and religious monuments we advise you to visit the Grand Mosque in Bursa, and this mosque has three doors Main has been added another door in the year 1740 and this mosque can accommodate more than five thousand people, which makes it one of the largest mosques as it contains a lot of domes that are equal in size and have a great benefit in collecting rain water and protecting the mosque from them, and the Grand Mosque also contains A large basin dedicated to Washing and ablution has been supplying the mosque wonderful types of glass which is distinctive because it illuminates the mosque with the sun light.

Botanik Botanik Parkı

Botanic Garden or Flower Garden contains dense greenery and wonderful gardens that contain a large collection of attractive flowers, it attracts tourists and drives them to enjoy the splendor of nature and wonderful views, it is a region of recreational tourist areas that tourists from all over the world go with their families and friends, This park also contains special places for children in which you will find a distinctive set of water and regular games for adults and children, as well as the garden contains a group of different plants that have been cultivated in all parts of the garden to give more Attractiveness and splendor on the garden.

Kulturpark Kültürpark

It is a recreational tourist park of the first degree that contains a distinct group of different games that attract everyone, old and young, and this park was established in 1955 AD and it contains corridors and wide green spaces in addition to the presence of children games and small artificial lakes, as well as the garden contains Theme park Children will enjoy spending a great time in it, for sure, you will enjoy with your family sitting and playing in this wonderful garden, which is open to tourists on all days, 24 hours a day.

Kent Meydanı

It is a comprehensive place that combines a large number of shops devoted to tourists and a group of restaurants that offer various local and international meals, in addition to the presence of cafes and cinemas that offer shows, festivals and international films, and the shops in this region contain all what tourists need and their prices vary. To find that there are cheap prices, suitable prices and high prices for the original international products that suit only a certain class of people, you can visit this place at any time and enjoy the most beautiful family times and buy all the necessary needs.

Eski Kaplıca Bath

It is one of the most famous and oldest baths in Bursa and tourists go to it for treatment as it is one of the best medical tourism places that have been specially prepared for this purpose for many years, and ASCII bath contains springs of different temperatures and hot springs to treat various diseases, and tourists come to this The bathroom is specially designed for treatment, and the bathroom also contains a wonderful and attractive water fountain, it is a unique experience that tourists enjoy and consider as part of their trip to Bursa, and many tourists of all ages and from all over the world go to it. Rdhana you a set of distinctive tourist places in the city of Bursa on the promise of a new journey through which we travel all over Turkey to recognize the State of which Turkey and tourist cities that contain attractive historical and recreational attractions.

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