Langkawi is one of the best tourist destinations in Malaysia, with a wonderful atmosphere and a friendly population, which gives you a happy holiday. Although it is a small island, its area reaches three hundred and twenty square kilometers. However, care must be taken in how to get around in order not to make it difficult for you to travel, as the means of transportation vary considerably.

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Here is a list explaining the means of transportation in Langkawi, so you can enjoy your vacation without any difficulties


Taxi is the most popular, popular and easy means of transportation in Langkawi. It may seem more expensive than other means, so a fifteen minute ride costs up to eighteen Malaysian ranges. You find it everywhere at the airport, the ferry terminal, major tourist destinations, and different taxi stations, and you can also rent an empty one from the road. Taxi

Car Rentals

Renting a car is one of the transportation means in Langkawi that many prefer, especially if you are able to drive and can adapt to the various new rules. If you plan to take a full tour around the island, renting a car saves you a lot of money for the taxi. Driving in Langkawi is very easy, and the roads are Somewhat crowded. There are many car rental destinations in the area.
Car Rentals


A public bus service is not available in Langkawi, but if you are traveling in a group you can hire one with a driver.

Motorbikes, Scooters & Bicycle Rentals

Another fun means of transportation in Langkawi. You can rent a motorcycle for twenty-five to forty Malaysian ranges, depending on the number of days that you rent a bike. As for bicycles, the rental rates are up to fifteen ranges of ranges, you must wear a helmet while driving or you will not be subject to a dispute; do not worry about that, the rental company gives you Your own helmet. You also need a motorcycle license in order to drive, and your state license is sufficient for this. Motorcycle license is barely checked, except for an accident or similar. You must pay a small amount to the rental companies as insurance. If you are coming to the island by ferry, you will find there are many motorcycle rental kiosks. There are a lot of rental agencies in Pantai Cenang along the road. This is in addition to the T Shop located at; Pantai Tengah which provides rental bikes as well. If you plan to stay for a week or something, and are looking for a cheap rental destination you can head to Hoi Sen Motor. It is located outside of Koh City, and the price for a month of rent reaches two hundred and twenty ranges, and a hundred and forty ranges for two weeks. Do not forget to make sure there is a bike permit That you rent, so you don’t have a problem later. Also, it is best to pay a simple deposit of eight or ten ranges a day.Motorbikes, Scooters & Bicycle Rentals

The most important road information

The main road to the island is wide and well designed, as the side roads are very narrow and become muddy at the time of the rains. The length of the road from north to south reaches about thirty kilometers, while from east to west it is less than a short distance away. Given this, the distance between any two points in the city does not exceed forty minutes, the word means in the Malaysian language ‘Jalan’ so simply any road in the city is called that Word.

Driving in Langkawi has safety rules that must be followed

Avoid driving the car by side roads as it becomes narrow, slightly muddy, and slippery after the rain. Animals and especially cows usually cross the road, from both sides of the open farms.
Avoid driving at night due to the lack of any driving services at the time. When renting a car or motorbike, make sure the tires are barren and do not have any zigzags or angles. If it is not, ask the company to change it at once, the roads on the island are usually slippery and muddy, so your car or bike may swerve what might cause an accident or the like. The transportation system in Langkawi follows the left side of the road, so if your country is Keep track of the opposite; you may feel difficult or a little annoyed. If you are planning to drive a bicycle, you must stick to the far left in order for the cars to cross easily behind you.

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