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The country of Thailand is considered one of the most attractive countries for tourists as it has many different tourist and cultural places, and its capital, Bangkok, is one of the most visited cities in the world, and it is a city that mixes the fragrant history and the wonderful modern culture, which contains many hotels scattered in Siam Square In addition to the multiple shopping centers.

Traveling to Thailand

Thailand has many tourist areas, of which we mention the following:

Viva Islands

The Viva Islands have white sandy beaches that fascinate their viewers, and their visitors are captivated by its clear blue waters overlooking the wonderful tropical island, but this island does not provide places to stay in, where travelers can stay on the island and enjoy a quiet environment in sleeping in tents on the beach.

Phra Nang Lake

Lake Phra Nang is located in the rainforest at a great height, and can be visited by boat to see the most attractive and attractive views of its visitors.

Riley Island

The island of Riley, which is located on the coast of the Andaman Sea, has a spectacular view that delights its spectators to enjoy its white sands and amazing emerald water, and the experience of climbing limestone cliffs that gives the spirit of pleasure and adventure to its climber. To explore the various places surrounding the island’s beach.

The best times to visit

The climate of Thailand is characterized by moderation in most months of the year, therefore it is possible to travel and enjoy the beauty of Thailand at any time even though the summer can be of high temperatures. It is also preferable to avoid visiting the country of Thailand in the time of rain that extends from July to October, November is also one of the coldest months of the year in Thailand and is characterized by its few rains.

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