Turkey is famous for many attractive tourist places that tourists from all over the world are keen to visit at all times. Turkey also contains many tourist cities that tourists enjoy visiting from time to time and to know what it contains of historical and archaeological ancient sites, and among the most beautiful tourist cities In Turkey, it is the wonderful Turkish city of Bursa, which is famous for its commercial markets and stores that contain a lot of historical products and all the needs of tourists, including clothes, jewelry and food commodities, in addition to the presence of a large quantity of antiques and attractive statues that tourists love to acquire and gift them as a gift A great souvenir for friends and loved ones, and today we will get to know together the best markets in the Turkish city of Bursa and walk together to explore our attractive products.

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Zafer Plaza

The Dhafir Plaza complex is one of the best and oldest commercial complexes that contain all the needs of tourists, clothes that suit all tastes for adults and children, restaurants that provide the best and best foods and international and local cuisine, as well as the presence of fabric and textile shops and a variety of games centers and cinemas that families have been used to visiting from time For another to enjoy watching the best international movies and attractive entertainment shows, the Dhafir Plaza complex has been designed with a wonderful and attractive engineering shape and a special place for children has been designed to play and have fun and enjoy spending a wonderful time, and the best thing about this complex is the fact that It overlooks the most beautiful monuments and tourist places as it overlooks the Great Mosque and is located in the heart of Bursa, as for its prices, they are variable prices that suit all groups of the people.

Koza Han Silk Market
The silk market was one of the coolest, most beautiful and most famous markets in Bursa, Turkey, and its value has somewhat diminished over time as it is now trying to recover its lost value thanks to the wonderful products it contains to all tastes. The silk market is located in a vital and popular area through which a lot of Tourists on a daily basis, and all kinds of silk fabrics and textiles are sold in the silk market at the best popular prices. This market also contains a group of distinct restaurants, cafes and mosques that are popular with daily, and tourists spend the most beautiful times on the cafes in the courtyard of the vast silk market, Yum You can enjoy sitting at these cafes and drinking the best Turkish coffee.

Korupark Mall

Morro Park Mall is also considered one of the best and largest shopping malls in Izmir. The mall consists of three floors and a large garage for visitors’ cars that can accommodate a large number of cars. The complex is characterized by great products and good prices. It also contains a large group of shops, cinemas and various games. This opens the mall to its doors for tourists from ten in the morning until ten in the evening, you can go directly to it with family and friends to enjoy an enjoyable buying experience that is completely unparalleled since this mall is included in the list of the best tourist malls The city of Bursa.

Carrefour Bursa

Carrefour Bursa is considered one of the most important and largest tourist commercial places in the city of Bursa, and the mall receives millions of tourists annually, which makes it one of the most important and most popular malls, as tourists from all over the world go to it to purchase all supplies, whether it is household items, clothes, shoes, and fabrics for adults and children, This complex is considered one of the most luxurious malls that have been designed at the highest and most sophisticated level. This mall is suitable for businessmen and large families who need to buy their products from the most luxurious places. This complex also contains halls for games intended for adults and children along with c Wad a large cinema that offers the best of local and international movie shows.

Koza Hani Market

One of the oldest markets that includes the best and most luxurious types of fabrics and wonderful textiles, this market was built in 1490 and there is a mosque and a hotel for tourists next to the Goza Hani market, which sells all the needs of tourists in clothes, silk fabrics and luxury products, and its prices are considered somewhat high prices and these Prices suit one category of people, unlike some other popular markets that suit all groups, and this market is characterized by its beautiful shape and has a wonderful and distinctive design.

Anatolium Alışveriş Merkezi Mall

One of the most famous, most luxurious and magnificent commercial markets in its attractive engineering design by the most skilled architects, you will find it just nine meters from the heart of Bursa, you can buy all your needs from this wonderful market in which you will find all the international and local brands as well as the presence of luxury restaurants that It offers excellent family meals that suit everyone because it is international and local meals. The market also contains games halls and a hall dedicated to holding entertainment shows and a cinema special for showing international and local films. You can enjoy a wonderful shopping experience with your family and children to make them enjoy spending The most beautiful times within this unique complex, and this complex opens its doors for tourists from ten in the morning until ten in the evening and is suitable for visiting at all times with relatives and friends. And until there we have offered you the best shopping places in Bursa and suit all tastes, on the promise With a new journey in which we get to know more wonderful tourist places that you will want to visit with your family and friends, we wish you to spend a fun time enjoying a distinct experience to buy all your needs such as clothes, jewelry, jewelry, fabrics, shoes and bags in addition to playing fun games And other fun things.

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