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Tbilisi is the capital and largest city of Georgia, with a population of about 1.3 million people, and this city was founded in the fifth century AD by the King of the Kingdom of Iberia, where it was home to many cultures, ethnicities and religions, and the city of Tbilisi is located on A crossroads between the continents of Europe and Asia, which makes it an important trade route between East and West, and is characterized by wonderful architecture, it is a mixture of the Middle Ages and modernity, and is governed by a council elected every four years.

The city of Batumi

Batumi is an autonomous city, located in western Georgia on the shores of the Black Sea near the Turkish border, and is a major port and an important commercial center, as well as a station and an oil pipeline, through which this port is shipped and refined oil, as well as It has shipyards, food processing plants, and Batumi is an important tourist resort; it has a botanical garden and a national park, in addition to being a site of the ancient Greek colony of Batis (in English: Greek Colony of Batis) and is considered to belong to Georgia in the Middle Ages, and it has controlled it Turks in the late sixth century AD evil, and then moved to Russia in 1878.

The city of Rustowy

Rustavi is located in southeast Georgia on the Kura River, where this city was developed through the establishment of a large iron and steel factory in it after the Second World War, as it is characterized by important chemical industries such as the manufacture of fertilizers, and industrial fibers It is worth noting that the population of this city is more than twice the number of residents that the city is designed to accommodate.

The city of Sukhumi

Sukhumi is located in western Georgia on the Black Sea, and has effective independence since 1990. Sukhumi is considered a port and a railroad junction. In the past centuries, it was a semi-tropical resort, as it contained sulfur baths since the Romen era, and this city was A center of guerrilla warfare between the Georgian military and irregular Abkhazian soldiers in the early 1990s, which led to the de facto independence of the region.

Other cities in Georgia

There are many major cities in Georgia that have great economic and administrative importance in them, and these cities include:

  • Kutaisi (English: Kutaisi).
  • The city of Zugdidi.
  • City of Gori.
  • Poti City.
  • Tskhinvali.
  • Samtredia.

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