A tourist country in Africa

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Africa is a continent of the globe, located geographically between the continents, bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, the Indian Ocean, the Red Sea, and the Suez Canal, and its name is taken from the Romanian language, meaning the inhabitants of the Earth, which was called relative to the first Ruler on the continent, which is the Arab king, Africa, bin Qais bin Saifi Hamiri.

Tourism in Africa

The African continent contains a number of tourist countries that include many elements of tourism in terms of historical and archaeological monuments, tourist areas, hotels ready to receive tourists, and security stability, and according to statistics in 2013 AD, the number of tourists to it reached more than 55.7 million tourists.

Tourist country on the continent of Africa

The Egyptian Arabic Republic

Egypt is an Arab African country geographically located to the northeast of Africa, with its capital in the city of Cairo, and the system of government in it is a democratic republic, with a land area of ​​1,002,000 km2, and the number of its provinces is twenty seven, and its population is 90,000,000 million, according to general statistics 2015 AD, her official language is Arabic, and her official currency is the Egyptian pound.

tourism in Egypt

The tourism sector in Egypt is considered one of the main sources of national income for it, as it is distinguished as one of the important tourist countries because it contains a large number of monuments, attractions, and tourist areas, and most of its tourists come from the western European continent, then the eastern European continent, then the African continent.

The rate of revenue from tourism to Egypt reached 5.5% in the year 2008 AD, and in 2010 AD it reached 4.5%. As for the relative distribution of tourists according to the statistics of the year 2013 AD according to the places of the visit, it reached:

  • 22.6% for Luxor area.
  • 18.7% of the Pyramids of Giza.
  • 14.9% to Aswan Cairo.
  • 11.6% for the Egyptian Museum.
  • 6.9% for South Sinai.

Tourist attractions in Egypt

Egypt includes a large number of archaeological, historical, tourist, religious, ancient Pharaonic, Christian, and Coptic Christian features, among which are the most prominent:

Among the Pharaonic monuments:

  • Karnak Temple: It is one of the largest temples built on the globe.
  • Queen Nefertiti statue: This queen was distinguished as one of the most famous women in the world, and she is the wife of the pharaoh Akhenaten.
  • The tomb of Tutankhamun: It is located in the Valley of the Kings on the western bank of the Nile, and is also called the tomb of 62.
  • Luxor temple: It was built in 1400 BC.
  • Other parameters: The pyramids of Giza, which were built twenty-five centuries BC, in addition to the Pyramid of Hawara, Tel el-Amarna, the Obelisk, the statue of Isis and Horus, the Temple of Abu Simbel, and the bracelet of King Phnosus I.

Among the Coptic monuments:

  • St. George Church: It was built by the wealthy writer Athanasius in 684 AD and is considered one of the most beautiful churches in the Roman fortress.
  • the hanging Church: It is located in the ancient district of Egypt, and was built by the Roman Emperor Trajan.
  • Abu Sirjeh Church: It was built at the end of the fourth century AD and the beginning of the fifth century AD.
  • Other parameters: The Church of Our Lady of Barbara, the Monastery of St. Anthony, the Cathedral of St. Mark, the Church of St. Mina, and the Monastery of St. Catherine.

Among the Islamic monuments:

  • Salah al-den al-ayobi’s castle: It is located in the Al-Qala’a neighborhood on a hillock of the Mokattam Mountains.
  • Nakhal Fort: It was built in 1516 AD by the Mamluk Sultan Qansuh al-Ghuri.
  • Other parameters: The Sayyida Zainab Mosque, the Soldier Castle, the Nasser Muhammad Bin Qalawun Mosque, the Qaitbay Castle, and the Abu Abbas al-Morsi Mosque.

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