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The country of condom is protective

Al-Waqq is a group of islands located in the Sea of ​​China or the Sea of ​​India, and they have been mentioned in ancient Arab heritage books, but there is no evidence to clarify whether these islands are real or imagination, and the Arabs are considered to be the first to give this name to two countries Different people mean sailors and merchants, as the first country is located in the Far East, specifically on the eastern shore of Asia, north of the Republic of China, and the second country is the island of Madagascar located on the east coast of the continent of Africa and is the same place that they were crossing the Arabs to other regions.

The reason for calling it condom

Its name is referred to as a condom due to the presence of a tree in the country, the fruits of that tree are in the form of women hanging from their hair, and if they are perceived, a protective voice is heard from them and this voice is understood only by the people of those islands and they fly from it, so Zakaria al-Razi narrated that it is a country full of gold, They even make chains for their dogs from gold, and make hoops for their monkeys in gold, and they wear shirts made of gold, and Moses narrated that he went to the country where a woman had a crown of gold on her head.

Information about condom

The Al-Waqq Islands are considered to be located next to Jabal Al-Fateh, which is characterized by strange residents, as its black population is deformed. And these islands have no men in them all of them women, and they are from the islands where gold abounds so that they described it as gold as bars in them like Khairan, and the number of these islands reaches to one thousand six hundred islands.

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