What is Indonesia famous for?

المسافرون العرب


Indonesia is distinguished as a country of enchanting beauty, it is a tropical country that includes many green parks and forests, in which the rain falls constantly, and its mountains seem very beautiful to those looking at it, and the name of the country of Indonesia is referred to by this name in relation to the Indian islands, which means in the Indian language and Nisus which means In the language islands, and the capital of Indonesia is Jakarta, and its population is twelve million, so it is the fifth country in terms of population, while Jakarta is classified as the largest city or capital in the world, and the first coastal city is among other cities in Indonesia, and finds It has multiple races And ethnicities, so we will get to know the most prominent of what Indonesia is famous for in this article.

What is Indonesia famous for?


Indonesia is one of the industrial and commercial cities, and it is characterized by its wide streets, towering towers, and its tourist attraction: the museum, animal parks, malls, and the free market. It is also famous for its picturesque nature, wonderful terrain, simple people, and its beautiful calm lifestyle.

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There are many tourist areas in Indonesia, which includes many simple tourism services, and one of its most famous tourist areas: the city of Jakarta, which is the capital famous for divine creativity in nature.

Whoever leaves Jakarta and goes to the city of Bogor to Puncha known as the Green Mountain finds beautiful green areas that attract attention, and tea plantations spread between the arms of mountains and uninterrupted rains from the country. Gardens, and public parks scattered among its mountains give pleasure to those who go to it.


Indonesia is famous for its trade, markets, and services, and it is always distinguished by its many tourist attractions such as the volcano, hot springs, flower garden, and other beautiful natural scenery.

Religious and ethnic pluralism

Indonesia is known for its ethnic and religious diversity, with 85% of its indigenous population on its soil, followed by Christians and Buddhists.

the food

The most famous food in Indonesia is characterized by many spices, spices, and flavors that give food a distinctive and delicious taste, and the prices are affordable for all its people and visitors.

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Indonesia consists of seven thousand islands, and its climate is more than wonderful. It is a tropical rainy climate, characterized by its high humidity as it is located on the equator that characterizes its tropical climate throughout the year.

Tourism cities

Indonesia contains many tourist cities, such as: the city of Bandung, which contains many warm water springs, because it is close to the volcanoes, and the city of Surabaya, which has many mountains that are in the form of high-rise mountain chains, and the city of Bali, which is the city that It is for swimming and stunning scenic beaches for spectators, as it has the most beautiful beaches, and the clearest seas in the world, which we find a lot of pleasure, including: Bali Island.

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