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The capital of Germany

The capital of the Federal Republic of Germany is the city of Berlin, where Germany consists of sixteen states, and Berlin is one of these states, which is the largest in terms of population, and also ranks second in terms of population in relation to the European Union. In 1990, after the unity between West Germany and East Germany took place, as it was divided in 1961 during what is known as the Cold War in which it was going on, and after it was separated by the Berlin Wall, this wall would be removed two years before they were united.

Activities in Berlin

Berlin International Film Festival

There are a lot of cultural and artistic activities in Berlin, and it is truly a city of festivals, due to the number and diversity of it. The Berlin International Film Festival known as Berlinale is well-known, and more than 120 countries and large numbers of people interested in the film industry and the media are participating in this festival. The festival has very high numbers, as more than two hundred thousand tickets are sold to attend the shows, and more than 400 films are shown to the attendees. The shows vary in diversity from the adults and youth present.

Cultures Festival

There is a festival of cultures in which this city celebrates in June every year on Pentecost, and it is shown on four theaters in the city, and many different cultures participate in performances and dances for adults and children. Also, the music festival, which is celebrated on the longest day of every year, is known for it, and shows are free. Also there is the Berlin Jazz Festival where its performances are held, including all types of playing from saxophone, drums and jazz.

Berlin Marathon

Known as the Berlin Marathon, in which a large crowd of skiers, runners and also followers participate, it is held on the 9th of each year. There is a show of love, as this celebration is attended by large numbers of different countries to dance with every man’s whistle, and ascend to the back of the many trucks in the Tiergarten park. As for a festival, just like the homeland, where it presents music, which specializes in each region, so that they transcend what is known as modularity.


There are eight symphony orchestras in Berlin, which play a very important role in terms of entertainment, to educate the people in music, as we find some shows in them that are used to play the old pieces, to reach us to modern music. Perpetual in life, with its grand and majestic celebrations in all areas.

Other activities

What attracts the tourist is that he can fly 150 meters above the sky of the city of Berlin, through an air balloon, in order to be able to take a lot of pictures of the city while he is at this height, and also what is interesting is that there is a market that opens once a week for five hours Only the Flea market is called to sell products at the cheapest prices, and also what is surprising is the presence of bicycles, who can roam the city in all directions and at any time, not to mention the many hotels and monuments that gather near each other in a small space.

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