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Search for the Vatican Museum, which includes many impressive museums under it, what is the history of this dazzling archaeological place, its genesis, and the most important places that you should visit in the Vatican Museum and here are the most important details for Arab travelers.

Search for the Vatican Museum Italy:

The Vatican Museum is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Rome and in the Vatican country in particular, where many tourists from everywhere visit Rome in order to know everything about the Vatican Museums, and we will provide you with a comprehensive report about the various museums that make up this huge museum.

History of the Vatican Museums:

  • It is one of the oldest museums in Italy, which contains a large number of antiquities dating back to the Middle Ages. The Vatican Museum was built in the year 1506 AD, and it contains many ancient churches, the most famous of which is the Sistina Church.
  • There is also the Museum of Pope Julius II, and it was built in the early 16th century AD, and contains various archaeological works from all denominations of the globe.
  • Inside the Vatican Museum you will find many mummies dating back to the ancient Romen era as well as ancient Egyptian mummies and statues.
  • You will also find many rooms that make up the museum, as well as the chapel, the colorful halls, carefully decorated carvings and galleries.
  • In the museum there is the Vatican Palace, which is one of the huge palaces with an area of ​​5.5 square kilometers, and contains many ancient monuments, dating back to the 15th century AD.

Vatican Museum holdings:

  • In the Vatican Museum there are many impressive artworks that express the fragrant history throughout the ages, between archaeological and Renaissance sculptures in Rome.
  • The Vatican Museums were established at the beginning of the sixteenth century AD, and the museum has many impressive artworks that you will not find anywhere else, such as unique mural paintings, and artistic figures that were designed by the finest italyn artists such as Giorgio Carlo Carra and the artist de Chirico, which is the secret in The reputation of the Vatican Museums, and the fact that tourists from all over the country visit it to be one of the most important attractions in Italy.

Vatican museum names:

There are many impressive gardens in the Vatican Museums. There is also a special road equipped for people with special needs, whether for transportation, boarding, or bathrooms, and it provides a free wheelchair service. This service is reserved before going to the museum through their site.
The Vatican Museums are an impressive collection of museums grouped together, the following are the most important features of each tourist attraction in the Vatican Museums:

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Chiaramonti museum:

  • This impressive museum has a long corridor, and is the link between it and the famous Belvedere Palace.
  • The museum is known for the magnificence of Romen paintings on its walls, in addition to the presence of an enormous collection of ancient statues, the most famous of which are statues of immortal gods, and the statue of angels that play famous in addition to many statues known to art lovers.
  • At the end of the museum you will see the most beautiful paintings, which depict the gods like children playing together in a wonderful scene full of dazzling and cheerful.

Pio Clementino Museum:

  • It is one of the most famous museums of the Vatican, which all visitors seek to visit and pass through, it contains many impressive traditional statues, as you will find a vast courtyard built in the fourth century in the era of BC, and you will be able to see the famous statue of the sun god Apollo, which is one of the oldest statues Which is found worldwide, and is similar to the well-known classic sculpture.
  • In the museum you will find a statue of the Trojan priest, in addition to the paintings carved on the walls very poetic, and the walls that were decorated with the use of dazzling mosaics, all dating back to the fourth century BC.
  • As for the center of the museum you will find a huge basin, made of one part of the very impressive unique red stone.

Gregoriano Museum Etrusco ”:

It is one of the oldest museums in the northern part of the Vatican Museums, and dates back to the eighteenth century AD.
The museum is known for its splendor and ancient Romen ruins, it also contains many antiquities that are known worldwide, and the most important of them is the black bronze of the antique warrior, which dates back to the fifth century BC.

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Sistina Church:

    • It is one of the largest churches in Italy, and it is the official residence in the Vatican, thanks to the magnificence of the stunning architectural design, which mimics the design of the sistine of the Pope.
    • In the church there are many impressive mural paintings that express Solomon in the Old Testament, as well as many drawings and icons that were designed by the best Coptic artists during the Renaissance from artist Raphael and artist Michelangelo, and they also participated in the design of the bishop of the church, where it took ten Whole years not perfect.
    • You will be amazed to see the designs on the walls and murals, some of which tell how Moses lived, in the left part of the place. As for the right part of the church, you will find drawings that tell the story of our Lord Jesus.
    • The church contains many works of art that express the splendor of Coptic art at the time, and it is based on the name of Sestus IV, who made many renovations in the church and took care of them while he was the Pope.



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