The city of Duba

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The city of Dheba is considered one of the Saudi cities, which is characterized by its hot climate in summer and mild in winter, tending to cold.

The city of Duba is located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it is one of its coastal governorates located on the Red Sea, and it belongs to the Tabuk region in the northwestern side of the Kingdom, and it borders it from the northern side to the southern side, Wadi Kafafa and also Salma Valley, in addition to the village of Al-Amoud. The area of ​​this province is about eight thousand and sixty four hectares. The population of this province is over fifty one thousand people.

City divisions

This city is divided into two main neighborhoods:

  • Al-Sahel neighborhood, which consists of a narrow coastal strip, is confined between the shore of the Red Sea and the high hills, and this neighborhood is characterized by the presence of old houses in it, in addition to the old market that mediates the neighborhood within an area devoid of any buildings, and this market includes many shops that include There are a large number of agencies, and there is also in this neighborhood the old castle, as well as the mosque, in addition to the port, and there are old buildings belonging to customs and also the municipality in addition to finance, and residential houses overlap with commercial stores, and the eastern part of this neighborhood is called the Al-Kharj.
  • Al-Qarafaa neighborhood: It is located in the high hills, and its name is derived from its elevated position, and this neighborhood is considered the largest that includes residential areas.

The most important landmarks in the city of Duba

The city of Duba is known for its many landmarks, most of which date back to ancient years, such as:

  • The port of Duba, which consists of a single berth, called the scaffold, and this berth was created since the period of Turkish rule of the region, and it was expanded at the time of King Abdulaziz, to be expanded again during the time of King Khalid, and its length today in the sea is about fifty Its width does not exceed twenty meters, and it is located near the quayside, the municipal buildings, finance and customs buildings.
  • Duba Castle, which is the most famous in the region, and its history dates back to the year one thousand nine hundred and thirty three AD. The blogs engraved on the stone plate of the travelers at the top of the castle entrance indicate that it was built by the people of Yanbu and the number of architects is twenty people. The length and length of this castle vary from A place for another, and it has several rooms that rest on its internal walls, and where a mosque and four towers distributed in its corners are located, similar in size, size and height.

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