What is the capital of the Republic of Yemen before Sanaa?

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Taiz, the capital of Yemen, before Sanaa

Taiz is a national capital of the Republic of Yemen before Sanaa, and one of the main urban centers in it. Taiz is located in the southwest of Yemen on the Yemeni highlands. The city includes many multi-storey houses and décor. And Ashrafieh, Taiz is a center for the production of coffee and vegetables, and it is the first city in Yemen to have a water purification system that was established in the sixties by the United States.

Taiz city

The city of Taiz is the third most populated city in Yemen, with a population of about 615,222 people. This city is characterized by its sub-tropical climate that helps it to produce coffee, as well as its agricultural products include pomegranate, onions, and mangoes, and the residents of this city have suffered from violence and turmoil Political events in the past few years, such as the Yemeni revolution that took place in 2011 AD, in addition to the Yemeni civil war in 2015.

History of the city of Taiz

The history of the city of Taiz dates back to the sixth century AH, corresponding to the twelfth century AD, where its name first appeared in the year 1173 AD after the arrival of Tawaran Shah to Yemen. The second is the second capital of the Apostolic Ruling family, and the city of Taiz remained walled until 1948 when Imam Ahmed made it the second capital of Yemen, and this city has emerged at the present time as the leading industrial city for Yemen, as a result of the investments made by the Hayel Saeed group in it, and now this city is one of a M Yemeni cities, including Taiz, where the international airport, in addition to many mosques and buildings famous, also includes many tourist sites, and is a source of special tourist attraction.


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