What is the capital of the state of Kentucky

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Kentucky State

Kentucky, or English, Kentucky is an American state, located in the eastern part of the United States of America, also located in the eastern side in relation to the North American continent. Kentucky is surrounded by seven states, as follows: Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, and Missouri.

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The state of Kentucky is bordered to the east by two states, namely Virginia, West Virginia, and bordered to the west by two states, namely the state of Illinois, and the state of Missouri, and bordered on the north by three states, Ohio, Indiana, and the state of Illinois, and bordered on the south by one state It is Tennessee.

The capital of Kentucky

The capital of the US state of Kentucky is the city of Frankfurt, and it is called in the English language Frankfort, and this city has the same name as one of the cities of Germany, which is the famous city of Frankfurt located in western Germany. The capital, Frankfurt, is located in the northern part of Kentucky, and it is administratively affiliated to Franklin County, or in English Franklin County, and this province is one of the counties that make up Kentucky, according to its administrative division, which includes 120 provinces.

Frankfurt area

Frankfurt extends over an area of ​​about 37.9 square kilometers, or 14.6 square miles, and the water accounts for a very small percentage of this area. Its square miles are less than half a square mile, and is exactly 0.3 square miles. The average city height of Frankfurt is 509 meters, or 155 feet.

Population density of Frankfurt

Although Frankfurt is the capital of Kentucky, it is not the largest city in terms of population. The largest city in Kentucky in terms of population is the city of Louisville, which is located in the north of Kentucky, and belongs to Jefferson County, with a population of 756,832 people, according to estimates In 2013, the second largest city in Kentucky by population was Lexington, with a population of approximately 308,428 in 2013, while Frankfurt is ranked eighteenth in the list of the largest cities in Kentucky by population. Its population does not exceed 30,000, and this number is no Determine 25,527 people, according to estimates by the year 2010AD. With regard to the population density in the city of Frankfurt, it is approximately 673 people per square kilometer, or 1748 people per square mile; the population density is low compared to some other cities in Kentucky.


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