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London Tower

The Tower of London is an important royal castle, and it is one of the most famous landmarks of London. The functions of the tower buildings and its lands have been numerous throughout history, as it was used as a royal palace, a political prison, and a place of execution, in addition to its use as a weapons depot, A Royal Coin Center, a public records office, and a zoo, it is worth noting that the Tower of London is located on the northern bank of the River Thames, in the western part of the Tower Hamlets neighborhood.
The Tower of London is also considered one of the most famous castles in the world that attracts tourists, as it is a world heritage site visited by nearly two million visitors annually, and it is worth noting that the biggest threat to this tower is car exhaust, as it causes the color of the white tower to turn yellow.

History of the Tower of London

The Tower of London is considered the oldest fortified castle in Europe, and is located next to the Tower Bridge, where the first castle of this tower was built in the Romen era, where there is still a Romen wall witness to this, and the Tower of London was built as a castle for King William in 1078 AD, in addition to the establishment of The White Tower dates back to this period as well, and in 1240 AD King Henry III moved to the tower and made extensive adjustments and additions to the complex, so that more facilities were added and the castle became multi-purpose. The most famous prison in this tower was Sir Walter Raleigh, and many other personalities were imprisoned during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, including Elizabeth I.

About the Tower of London

The Tower of London is an important landmark in the whole of England, where it is famous for many features, including the following:

  • The Tower of London was established in 1066 AD, and its area is approximately 48,562.25 square meters.
  • The tower contains many crowns, wands, swords, and rings belonging to the kings, which are the most famous feature of the tower.
  • London Tower is known as Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress, and this complex consists of many buildings including the White Tower, which is surrounded by many defensive walls and trenches.
  • The Tower of London was planned and built to contain three pavilions: the white tower, which is the strongest structure, which was used to establish the king or ruler, and also contains the Church of St. John, the inner section that contains wooden buildings and is located south of the white tower, in addition to The outer section created during the reign of Edward I in order to encircle the castle.
  • The Tower of London contains the Museum (Fusilier), which can be visited to identify the places and dwellings where former army officers lived, so that many historical pieces belonging to the famous military band formed in the Tower of London in 1685 AD.

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