What is Nigeria famous for?

المسافرون العرب

an introduction

The Federal Republic of Nigeria, which is a very large country, and geographers have classified it as one of the largest countries in the continent of Africa, if not the largest, the population of which they live is approximately 154 million people, and this number may have been reasonable in relation to the geographical area owned by the state .

Also, Nigeria contains the Niger River, which is located in the middle of the country, and from here Nigeria has taken its name, thanks to the name of Niger by this name to Queen Flora, who is the wife of one of the largest British colonial administrators, as Nigeria has been suffering from British colonialism for long periods, but it is in The end gained independence in the year 1960 AD.

What is the state of Nigeria famous for?

  • The country of Nigeria is famous and characterized as having a large number of languages, including Hausa, Fulani, Yoruba, Ijaw, Kanuri and Tiv, but the English language occupies the largest area of ​​the languages ​​spread in that region, as it is the language that is supported in all schools and colleges, but The English language remains somewhat difficult for the residents there, as they use three languages ​​which are Hausa, Yoruba, and ICPO.
  • Nigeria is also famous for being a dual-religious state, as it contains two main religions, which is the Islamic religion that constitutes 50.4% of the population of Al-Dzulah, i.e. half, while Christianity constitutes 49.2% of the population, and the Muslim population is concentrated in the northern regions of the state as the majority of Muslims There are Sunnis with a very small number of Shiites, and there is great freedom to convert to the religion that everyone desires, so they are not restricted by anything or anything.
  • Nigeria also has the advantage that it contains many picturesque areas that made Nigeria a tourist country intended for tourists in order to obtain a degree of rest and recreation, as the Nigerian government is trying to revitalize the tourism movement in the country, as it is working to restore picturesque areas of beauty after many The events that spoiled these areas.
  • Nigeria is characterized by the coastal regions that make up the most beautiful areas in it, and the waterfalls in it are the most wonderful region in the country.
  • As for economically, Nigeria is one of the most oil-producing countries, as it is one of the participating members of the OPEC, and it occupies the eighth region among the most oil-producing countries, it also has a large amount of oil reserves, as it exports to other countries, and from Most of the countries that import oil from Nigeria are the United States of America.
  • As for natural resources, Nigeria is one of the countries that possess the most natural resources, and more than half of the land area in it is arable and contains many water bodies rich in fish, and all these matters represent a source of income for the state, in addition to tin mines Existing in the highlands, and contains fuel and coal, as these matters represent a great national wealth for the state, and these things that distinguish any country from the other, for sovereignty between countries is always the richest countries.
  • Due to the large number of Nigerian agricultural lands, Nigeria is famous for producing many agricultural crops, including cocoa, palm kernels, peanuts, and all kinds of vegetables and fruits, in addition to that it is famous for making and producing legumes, and Nigerians love to raise pets, and are interested in raising Poultry, livestock, and cows as well.
  • In addition to all of the above, Nigeria is one of the largest industrialized countries, as it contains many factories that produce many and varied products, as it produces cement, chemicals, clothing, cleaning materials, food products, and wood.

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    The most important terrain of the State of Nigeria

    As for when talking about geographical topography, geologists have divided the country into ten sections, namely:

    • Plain of Scotto These plains are located in the northwestern region of the state, and they also contain many rivers that flow into these plain lands. This region of the country suffers from a large number of floods in the winter, when a large amount of rain falls, but this rain works to enrich Agricultural land makes it easier for farmers, but sometimes it causes damage to homes in that area.
    • Chad Basin: The Basin of Chad is located in the northeastern region, to the south of Lake Chad, from which the region has gained the name, and one of the most problems that this region faces is that it turns into a swamp area during the period of rainfall, and on the other hand, this region suffers during the year from droughts Very sharp due to prolonged periods of time without precipitation.
    • High northern plains The high northern plains constitute about 20% of the area of ​​the state of Nigeria, which is a good percentage, as it is the region from which many rivers flow in the plains of Nigeria, and it can be assured that it is located in the northern region of the state, and represents a beautiful tourist area As it contains many picturesque waterfalls.
    • Gus Plateau This plateau is located specifically in the middle of the country, and the inhabitants also used it as a region to raise cows, in addition to containing tin mines.
    • Niger river basin, New This region is located precisely in the middle part of the State of Nigeria, as it extends from east to west in the form of an arc, and the reason for naming this region is that it contains two rivers, the first is the Niger River and the second is the Benin River, and from here the region was named on the basis of the two rivers .
    • Western Highlands: These highlands are located in the western region of the state, and this area is characterized by being a plateau shaped in the shape of domes, giving a beautiful view to the viewer from afar.
    • Eastern highlands It is clear that these highlands are on the eastern end of the country, and this region contains hills and mountain plateaus, meaning that it is a diversified group of highlands, and the highest elevations in this region are Dillman’s summit in the Champsey Mountains.
    • Southwest Plains: These plains are located along the southern side to the west, and this region consists of thick forests, as this region is full of swamps and shallow places.
    • Southeastern Lowlands: They are low-lying areas in the southeastern region, which are plains and forests, and the highlands are located in the northern region.
    • Niger Delta It is located in the southern side of Nigeria, and it is full of mud and clay.
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