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the cities

Cities range in their importance, some of which have gained importance from the present time, and some have historical significance and ancient heritage, as cities are not all equal, and man has been associated with cities in one way or another, where they developed generation after generation until they reached what they have reached in this day of progress, And civilization, and paper, and this helped to improve the quality of life, as civil life in the past was not like today, as the cities today are more organized and brilliant than previously, the buildings have evolved, the quality of construction has varied, and the quality of services provided in the city has also changed, in addition to changes That has occurred on the nature of business, and the economic facilities that have become T is a major part of the city, and with all this difference between the past and the present, some cities have preserved their ancient historical heritage even after its expansion and prosperity, as the Iraq and originality in some cities give a special character and exceptional importance.

The oldest city in the world

The Arab region is considered one of the richest regions in the world historically, and civilized, as it is a region that no other region in the world can reach to what civilization and heritage this region has reached, it is the origin of civilizations, the airstrip of religions, and the link between East and West, so we find that the conflict On this land he remained raging throughout history, and his heat increased after the emergence of oil in the Arab lands, which are considered one of the richest lands in the whole world in terms of oil wealth. Hence, the oldest cities in the world are distributed in different Arab regions, specifically in the regions of the Levant and Egypt, As for the oldest city in the whole world, it is the city of Jericho Palestinian, although this matter has not been resolved, there are multiple opinions in this regard, where there was a big difference in identifying the oldest city in the whole world, but Jericho is one of the most famous opinions in this regard.


Jericho is located in the Arab state of Palestine, where its history is estimated at about ten thousand years before the birth of Jesus Christ, and it is the provincial capital known as the Jericho Governorate specifically, this ancient city is located in the Qalat Valley, in the Jordan Valley oasis, where this city is considered one of the geographically important cities Being one of the most important points from which various commercial caravans crossed east or west, as this city is considered a western passage for both the Dead Sea and the Jordan River, and pilgrims who convert to the Christian religion take a path to the Jordan River, and this is the city of Jericho From the capital A. (PA) Jerusalem about thirty-six kilometers approximately.

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