Important information about the city of Badr, Cairo and Suez witnessed an approach that represented in the construction of the “Badr City”, that city that contains many real estate, educational, and administrative institutions, and all the features required by life in a city that has the advantages that encourage moving to live in it.
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Important information about the city of Badr, social housing

  • The city was established to be the starting point from the hustle and bustle of Cairo, and the desire to obtain all the services necessary for living simply, without exposure to the effects of population density.
  • The city has been built on an area of ​​approximately 18 thousand acres, residential areas of which take about 12 thousand acres.
  • It is expected that the city will contain nearly half a million people by 2022.
  • The city is distinguished by providing many different houses in the areas and planning, to suit all groups of the displaced people for life in Cairo.
  • The government continues to give attention to the development of the city by providing services, and setting up various projects to accommodate the needs of its residents, as well as carrying out more construction and reconstruction of residential spaces to receive expatriates to live in, including young people and families.
  • This gives the state different areas commensurate with what young people and families are looking to build homes, and various projects in order to increase profit and develop the city itself.
  • The city has projects of “Mubarak Housing”, “Free Housing” and “Family Housing”, and of course there is an effort to establish more projects to solve the crisis of overpopulation, and to help many of those coming to marry in finding affordable housing, close to work.
  • There are four universities in the city: “Future University in Egypt”, “Egyptian E-Learning University”, “Badr University” and “Egyptian Russian University”.
  • It was founded in the city, “Badr National Central Hospital” in 2005, to begin receiving his references in 2009, and is under the management and ownership of the University of Helwan.

Revival of the city of Badr

  • There is the “Violet neighborhood” or the sixth district, which is located in the center of universities near the social housing project and its services, as it is bordered to the south by the “medium housing” project and to the north by the international road.
  • There is also a “neighborhood of trees” or the first district, which is close to the central city park and the industrial zone, and the district has all the entertainment facilities and shops.
  • “Jasmine neighborhood” or the third district, located between the first and fourth districts, contains an entertainment city and a central garden next to its distinctive residential units.
  • The “Villas District” or the privileged neighborhood, which is located near the exhibition grounds, and the Suez Road. The neighborhood is considered the closest to the new capital, and provides upscale and quiet housing, surrounded by gardens and has all the basic amenities for life.

Badr city location on the map

  • The city was built 37 years ago, and it is 46 km away from Cairo. West of it is the city of Heliopolis.
  • Also, a city is linked to the Ismailia desert road, and the city is located on the Suez Road and the Delina road.
  • The city is close to Cairo International Airport, the Suez Port, as well as the Suez Canal and the Delta.

The state pays special attention to this city, and ensures all conditions there. It is noteworthy that the city’s governor has been changed with the beginning of the current year, so that the engineer, Ammar Al-Sayed Attia Mandour, will take over the presidency of the city’s authority, especially after the population’s many complaints about the low level of city care and services in the recent period.

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