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Yeshil Mosque

The Yachel Mosque or the Green Mosque is one of the places worth visiting in the city of Bursa. It was built in the period between 1412-1419 AD, and the interior tiles of the mosque are distinguished by its green forms, where the mosque is attributed to these forms, and this building was constructed of carved marble, It is noteworthy that this mosque marks the beginning of the Turkish architectural style, and includes a college, library, and a water fountain for ablution, and there is a so-called green shrine, which contains the tomb of Sultan Mehmed I.

Ulu Cami Mosque

The Ulu Cami Mosque is one of the most important historical buildings in Bursa, and it was built in 1399 AD, and it is characterized by its Seljuk style, its wide construction, and its various decorations, especially the decorations of the Arabic calligraphy. This mosque also contains twenty small domes, two huge minarets, and it is worth noting that the wood carvings The Arabic calligraphy of the mosque is one of the most impressive things, as well as the square columns and the gates of the mosque.

Bursa Fortress

Bursa Castle includes the tombs of the Ottoman Sultans Osman and Orkhan, who are the founders of the Ottoman Empire. It is reported that the cemetery was destroyed in 1855 AD after a devastating earthquake; The visit, which consists of six floors, is the last of the four floors, and it was used as fire alarms.

Among other places in Bursa

There are many tourist places in Bursa, and they are as follows:

  • Carajouz Museum: This museum includes Turkish, Uzbek, Russian and Romanian dolls, as well as doll making tools.
  • Ataturk House: A memorial house for the leader Ataturk, and in the vicinity there is a garden full of pine, and this building contains furniture dating back to the period of the residence of Ataturk (from 1920-1930 AD).
  • Ataturk Stadium: This stadium was the former headquarters of the PursaBor Football Club.
  • Ataturk Statue: It is a large monument to Ataturk.
  • Ottoman House Museum: The Museum of the Ottoman House dates back to the seventeenth century, and is characterized by the beauty of its exterior appearance, and the interior contains Ottoman designs.
  • Othman statue: The Osman statue is located on the eastern edge of Bursa city center, close to the metro station (reehreküstü).
  • Moradi Compound: The park of the Muradiye Complex and the historical cemetery are considered to be a quiet place in Bursa. The Sultan Murad II Mosque is part of the complex. It was built in 1426 AD. This complex is characterized by its decorations that resemble those of the Yeşil Cami Mosque.
  • Bursa Baths: These baths are fed from the hot springs that were famous in Roman times.
  • Archaeological Museum of the City.


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