Where is Sicily located?

المسافرون العرب

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Sicily is located in southern Italy, and it is one of the most densely populated islands in the Mediterranean Sea. The island is distinguished as an autonomous region in Italy, and it is located 160 km from the northeast of Tunisia located in the north of the African continent. The island is separated from the mainland by the Strait of Messina and is It is 3 kilometers from the north side, and 16 kilometers from the south side.

Tourism in Sicily

The island of Sicily is considered one of the places that attract tourists to the world, as it offers a variety of attractions to attract visitors throughout the year, but it is preferred to visit it during the period of establishing festivals, and the following places are worth visiting on the island:

  • Mount Etna: It is one of the active volcanoes in Italy, and is located on the east coast of the island, and enjoys its attraction to tourists, as it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the region contains ski resorts.
  • Cathedral of Palermo.
  • Zisa in the province of Palermo.
  • Norman Palace in Palermo Province.
  • The old theater in Taormina.
  • Arethusa Fountain.
  • The Aeolian Islands in the north of the island.
  • Many historic buildings.
  • Ancient coastal towers located along the coast of Sicily.

Facts about Sicily

There are many important facts about Sicily, including the following:

  • The island is the largest italyn island, and the largest island in the Mediterranean.
  • Sicily is an important geographical and political region in Italy.
  • The island is famous for its beautiful beaches, ancient history, and distinctive cuisine.
  • It was invaded over the centuries due to its strategic location, as the island’s location in the past times was colonies of the Romens and Greece, and it was also a Phoenician colony.
  • The island’s culture and traditions can be recognized through italyn lyric poetry, works of modern writers, and folk art such as: embroidery, painting, animated dolls, and folk religious festivals.
  • Palermo is the capital of Sicily.

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