Where is the city of Taiz?

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Taiz city

Taiz is considered the capital of the Yemeni culture, and it has a great role in shaping Yemeni history from its early stages until these ages, and it arose with Islamic history at the hands of Zabid and Jablah, and it passed through its epochs with many different civilizations such as the Apostolic, Ayyubid, and Ottoman, and the city ranks third on the cities Yemen in terms of population, with a population of approximately 620 thousand people, and it consists of three administrative departments or directorates: Al-Mudhafar, Cairo, and Al-Sala.

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It is one of the cities of the Asian continent, which is located on the southern highlands of the Yemeni countries, specifically on the mountain of Sabr, which has a height of 3015 meters, and a distance of 256 kilometers from the capital Sanaa, 167 kilometers from Aden, and 110 kilometers from Mokha, And 22 kilometers from the soldiers, and the city is confined between latitudes 13.21 and 13.43 to the north on the equator, and between longitudes 43.41 and 44.13 to the east, and the total area of ​​the city reaches 42.3 square kilometers.

Miscellaneous information

To know more about the city of Taiz, we show you the following information:

  • the climate: The city has a temperate climate, and the average temperature of October to February is 15 ° C, and during the month of March until June is 23 ° C, and the average precipitation during one year is about 600 mm.
  • Transportation: The city relies heavily on buses and small vehicles for internal transportation between the city, and contains Taiz International Airport, which transports passengers to and from other countries of the world, and contains the port of Mokha that extends from the northern side of the country to the southern side.
  • Water problem: Like other cities, the city suffers from the difficulty of transporting water to residential neighborhoods, since the early 1990s, and people in these neighborhoods fill the water in Wyatt, which is transported from existing wells indiscriminately. , And sorghum.
  • Education: The city contains 114 different schools, with basic, elementary, and secondary stages, and on a public university that was established in the year 1993 AD, and it consists of 8 colleges and 17 scientific centers.
  • tourism: Although the city contains many attractions, many of them still lack services, due to the people’s preoccupation with sectarian wars, and there are many heritage areas in its areas such as Socotra, Old Sana’a, Shabam, and Zabid.
  • Attractions: It contains a collection of monuments, city fractures, the Great Gate, Bab Musa, Al-Mudhafariya School, Al-Ashrafiya School, Al-Maataba School, Al-Atabaki School, Al-Hussainiya Dome, Abdul-Hadi Al-Soudi Mosque, Cairo Castle, Salalah Palace, Dar Al-Ardi, and Imam Palace.


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